seo consultant

  1. homeriscool

    SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency - Which Business Model Would You Choose?

    If you were going to choose one as your business, which one would you choose and why?
  2. T

    Top U.S. SEO Companies Based on SERPs Dominance Identified From 35 Million Search Results

    Thousands of SEO agencies in the United States are vying for the top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Where does your business fit in the online realm? A study by Radu Plugaru, CEO and founder of Romania-based, explored how U.S. websites ranked for eight SEO-related...
  3. learn-site

    [FREE] SEO Consultation

    Hello, Long story short, We are a programming and SEO team and we worked in different countries specially Turkey, Azerbaycan, Bangladesh, and Persian Countries for developing businesses and projects. we have customers from all over the world as well. This is a little introduction and I am not...
  4. J

    SEO Consultant.

    Hello All, One of my clients in Europe has multiple SEO projects running for his in House company, and has an In House team as well. The results that he is expecting aren't of the same nature as they should've been. Some results are as per expectations, some are not. He is looking for...
  5. shafi432

    Scammed By Ivan for $300

    I worked as an SEO Consultant for @seo_seo_seo & he was supposed to pay me $300 at the end of the first month. He said it is a long term project and his profile was quite good that's why I didn't bother to ask for an upfront fee. He was in continuous touch with me, suggesting and evaluating my...
  6. MadCatter

    Potential SEO Client demands physical presence before weeks before signing up.

    Hey y'all, Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but if it isn't %'d like to know where to post it instead. For some reason I have been getting odd requests from potential clients these days, I am new in the SEO consultation arena and wondered if this was a a normal request from...
  7. robinmilford

    Robin Milford

    Hey There! Wassap people!!!! :D I am a new member of BHW though I have been known with this forum from the very beginning of my Intenet Marketing Career since 2010. Hopefully I will have a great time with the people around here. Cheers!
  8. R

    Online Marketing Consultant/ business couch/ SEO Consultant

    Online Business development. Business couch. We are looking for Online Business Development guru, expert in providing marketing and sales consultancy for start-ups. We have online Health care (natural products) business. You got the idea! :) I am already in business but I want to take it...
  9. RichardUK

    How Do You Deal With High Paying Clients Who Expect High Rankings White Hat Way?

    Hi guys, I'm concerned at the moment, my client keeps complaining, you know they expect number one spot and the moment you drop onto page 2 or they aren't getting their money back from the little bit of Google traffic you provide its like you aren't providing them with a good service The one...
  10. lepman

    [hire]Need a long term SEO expert/partner

    I am looking for an experienced SEO guy (preferably located in the US because of the language and the timezone) to work with me on both client and internal projects . A project could be ranking a single page or creating a single article or 10 directory submissions and so on. You need to be able...
  11. S

    SEO & IM Super Affiliates Wanted - 50% Commission

    Here's the homepage: Here's the affiliates page: Here's the best place to contact me: Here's a sample of the sales copy: Please Click Here to Read On
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