search ranking

  1. Nw_Work

    Kind Of Pissed Off On Search Ranking/Top Of page bidding

    There is this competitor who started out pretty fresh around 1 year back while our client has been in same business Industry for nearly 4 years. But these guys always get their ad serving above ours. So specs are the client website is native gmb provided website while competitor is on a country...
  2. B

    Looking for youtube seo specialist to help with search ranking on youtube

    Hi, I'm music producer on youtube I'm trying to find a freelancer who will help with rankings/seo optimization on certain keywords Whitehat/blackhat don't care Also, I dont care if rankings can sustain for more than couple days I have a budget and ready to pay.
  3. HenryObi

    These Keywords Are Ranking Already(Stats Included), How Can You Improve Them?

    Was going through the my site's performance on the Search console. Apparently am stuck at these positions, if you were in my shoes what would be your next action to improve them? The screenshots are for both web and image search, my site is image intensive site, and apparently I get lots of...
  4. jasmspen

    Could controlling page 1 be this easy?

    This post may be laughed off the site thus please forgive my simplicity as this is my first strategy type post/question. Recently learned of the facebook cloning trick (for your own pages). Seems pretty simple...So given how easy it is to get your name or your company name to be on the first...
  5. C

    SEO branding help needed

    I'm struggling to improve my rating from SiteTrail. Does anyone how to improve the score they give for my site?
  6. F

    SEO for Page Titles on a Website

    First of all, Hey Black Hat members thanks for all the great suggestions throughout the site. I am new to IM but read a lot and believe I have a good grasp on what I need to be doing. I see myself wearing a white hat more often than a grey or black one and need some SEO suggestions from the...
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