SEO branding help needed


Mar 19, 2010
I'm struggling to improve my rating from SiteTrail. Does anyone how to improve the score they give for my site?
Till now, I have only worried about my site's ranking on Alexa and Compete. But I would definitely take a look at what SiteTrail has to offer. Thanks for sharing.
I wouldn't worry so much about Sitetrail. Obviously the things they are looking for are backlinks, social signals and traffic, but they seem very slow to update on your site. I checked up one of my sites using sitetrail, and they still have a snapshot of my site from like a year ago and they also have very inaccurate stats. Things you should care about are DA and alexa ranking ;)
Never heard of Sitetrail before but I just focus on checking my ranking on Google, Bing, And Yahoo. I also make sure I am active in social networking sites.
I did check out the site, Sitetrail might not necessarily be the best website when it comes to scores. But it can give you an idea of where you stand online. If you are lucky and your site seems to get a good scoring on it, you can also rely on their widgets to include on your website showing that score. But always compare with other similar websites.
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