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Jul 6, 2011
First of all, Hey Black Hat members thanks for all the great suggestions throughout the site. I am new to IM but read a lot and believe I have a good grasp on what I need to be doing. I see myself wearing a white hat more often than a grey or black one and need some SEO suggestions from the professionals of BlackHatWorld.

I have picked a niche and have started writing articles on my subject. Including a natural amount of keywords throughout my content as well as linking to other pages throughout my site and other sites.

I, having ZERO experience with SEO, have a question as far as page and article titles.

My articles are aimed at people searching for solutions to problems. I don?t want to say my niche directly (minimal competition), let?s say it?s how to fix laptop issues.

Now when writing my titles should I write them from the position of my target customers? Basically what they are going to be typing into the search engine?

For example: How do I turn on my laptop?
My laptop keeps powering off.

Or should I write them in the position of myself and the solution?

For Example: Are you wondering how to turn on your laptop? Here is the solution.
Is your Laptop powering itself off? Here are the steps to fix it.

Or just keep it very short like: How to turn on a laptop.
How to stop your laptop from powering off.

I?m sure they are all adequate as far as SEO, probably not making too much of a difference since they contain keywords etc. but if it means being even a single page higher on the search engine results I would like your opinions.

What kind of titles do you use in these types of tutorials?

Also do you capitalize as much as you can? Or just the first word?

?How to Fix Laptops? or ?How to fix laptops?

Thanks for all the help everybody. I look forward to your opinions, suggestions, and comments.
Well you have asked a lot of different questions here. First off are you using wordpress ? If you are I recommend installing an on page seo plugin. I use yoast but there are other alternatives.change your permalink structure so it is using your postname.

Your titles should be relevant to your article but I suggest you do some research on keywords and see what people are searching for.

Seemingly similar title like "how to turn off a laptop" and "the way to power off your laptop" may have major serp differences ie one gets 500 hits a day and the other gets 3(just an example but research before you write articles and put up titles)

Capitalisation doesn't make a difference.
Write your title with whatever keyword gets searched for the most, but then write your meta description however you want, just sell them on clicking on your page. For example, "Is your laptop turning off? Work keeps getting lost? We've discovered an easy solution, that takes less than 30 seconds!" (That may be too long, but you get the picture.)
Thanks for the replays so far. Capitalization doesn't matter in the eyes of the search engine, good to know, thanks Duffers5000. Do you think it makes a difference with clicks? or looks better or worse? :eek: like i said it probably doesn't make a huge difference but I am a perfectionist. Sorry guys for so many questions. i like to write and my posts always seem to get long.

Oh yeah, i know WordPress is the most used cms but i am going to try my hand with Drupal. a little more powerful, just lacks the quantity of options and plugins that WordPress has. oh and themes. WordPress has a great selection of themes. if i fail on Drupal, i will go for WordPress. probably NOT Joomla.

Keep the suggestions coming guys, i am going to read every one.
What do you guys use on your own sites? Thanks again.
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