1. DonElliot

    Good Ways to Make some Money, Business Ideas suggestions

    Good Afternoon, Recently my Company went Bankrupt after our White Label Provider did some Shady Stuff and Locked all Possibility's to Prove it. So after 4 Years off Dedicated work i stand here without anything Left. My Plan is it now to Start Selling Digital Products or Generating Money...
  2. kolaa

    Willing to launch 20 Ai Auto-blogging Websites aiming 1000$/m at the end of 2024 (Need your Suggestion)

    Here is the plan I will publish 5 AI Auto-Blogging websites (with a proper human touch in content) for the next 4 months, will try to do better and avoid making mistakes each time publishing blogs. Will try to launch 10 websites on blogging, and another 10 on Rank and Rent websites. And will...
  3. eldevigotz

    Introduction to BHW

    Hello! I'm new here. I have just finished University in both Business Management and Computer Science and I´m starting to work. I would like to continue growing after my job hours, but I would like some suggestions about different types of investments where I should focus first, different...
  4. B

    having more than 10k websites for PBN setup

    Hello dear BHW members, I am Kailash working as a sr. linux server admin in a web hosting company I manage more than 100 servers and have more than 10k websites I want to know from you how I can utilize this to create a strong PBN or some setup that will make my domain so strong that it will...
  5. G

    Website views

    I’ve been trying to get more views on my pornhub page. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Josh Saga

    BHW Spreadshirt Shop Suggestion

    Hello All, I just got the newsletter today from our Grand High Supreme Chancellor Master Owner @Diamond Damien, I saw the shop - and amazed by the wide collection we have. However I would like to ask - if possible if the support team who handles the store add a .png transparent copy of the...
  7. imccafey

    GoTranscribe Test Quiz - is it too ambitious to think I'll ever pass?

    So I had been working my brains off to pass the preliminary quiz on GoTranscript for completing and proceeding forward as an applicant and it seems quite impossible to get them to say "Yeah you passed!". I've read their guidelines to the word and I've attempted the exam 10 times yet everytime...
  8. M

    Where would you start?

    This is a question for all the more experienced hatters out there. Given the resources I have listed below, where would you start (What platforms, revenue streams, etc) would you go for? I have: 2 PC's 2 laptops. 15 phones (12 with data sims) 2-4 hours a day of spare time. Maybe a couple...
  9. CrimeDog

    New Member

    I'm a 23 year old recovering drug addict with 17 months sober and very little tolerance left for this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I stumbled upon this website by accident, and it was like an answer from god. A lot of the stuff I've looked at so far has been stuff I've been interested in...
  10. Chielou June

    Advice required on crowdfunding for a project.

    Hello all, I have a dream software project in my mind. It's related to schools and colleges with a potential of making 50k USD/year from each school affiliated with us (from the phase 1 itself) . I am not getting deep into the project here. The core issue I am facing here is I just have the...
  11. K

    Suggestqueries or headless browser script?

    Hello all, I want to create a system that will send hundred thousands queries everyday to get the related suggestions. I also want to get the top 100 results of one of the suggestions. To get the suggestions, would you recommend me to use a script that will interrogate this kind of service...
  12. S

    Help me guys

    Hi everyone I want to become a link seller, i have a great list of sites, which I collect for about a few years for the company. And now the company is gone, it's only me and my list. In my list of about 4k sites, about half of them are good, the other half is not so good. I don't really know...
  13. Nubian Content

    Pause Thread Feature For BSTs

    A feature to temporarily hide your BST in case you're being overloaded and need just a couple of days (or weeks) to recoup and fulfill pending orders. And then you can re-activate the thread when you're ready?
  14. A

    Domain Name Suggestions for Long run

    Can Anyone suggest the digital marketing keyword domain which should cover agency services and that is available to buy? I am not able to find that unique domain which should I go for? Experts Advice, please. Thanks in Advance
  15. simplehuman21

    Self Hosted-Video

    Hi guys, have you ever tried self-hosting all of your videos instead of using file hosting website? I really want to put my own ads and stuff but it seems like this is going to be expensive. Any suggestion guys?
  16. Chiku Arsen


    Can anyone suggest me a site to make amazing channel intro without watermarks.
  17. outofmind

    Do you think we need better vetting of Market place threads ?

    Who else thinks we need better market place mods or maybe better vetting for market place threads ? I am not against any Mod or person and I know they do check and the quality of service might differ but from my experience, I had horrible experience with not just one but multiple sales providers...
  18. MadCatter

    Categorise Watched Threads?

    Something I do actively on BHW is watch threads I'd like to read later, or save a BST to purchase the service on it for different things. Not sure if it's feasible but an option to add it to a set of predefined categories like Marketplace, Tutorials, Casual etc would make going through it...
  19. Digital Web Zones

    How much earn after premium Account

    Hey I want know about this market place. How much earn after upgrade account
  20. beastkay

    [Journey] My shopify website is not getting traffic, only 100 visits on an average, Goal 500 a day

    1) Trying to push from Instagram having 10k+ followers on Insta - Not doing influencer marketing (Thinking to start it) - Just sending some products and asking for photographs from models for my instagram content 2) Running FB Ads - Running split test with 3 creatives - Running the wiinning...
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