anyone know how to automate cloning a friends facebook account (purely as a thanksgiving joke)

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Nov 18, 2015
This post may be laughed off the site thus please forgive my simplicity as this is my first strategy type post/question.

Recently learned of the facebook cloning trick (for your own pages). Seems pretty simple...So given how easy it is to get your name or your company name to be on the first page of a google search of the aforementioned name wouldn't this little clone trick be a great way to control what comes up on page one of google.

Of course you would probably need to change the pages slightly to get google to recognize them as different but thats still pretty easy.

I looked around online and can't find anyone talking about this and given that there are really no new ideas in this world I assume I am wrong but would love to know why because if there is a way around whatever that reason is (and this site is the champ for finding ways around stupid things that shouldn't be in ones way) would this not be an insanely easy way for even an idiot like myself to control page one?
It's limited because google typically allows 2 results per domain in the page 1 result set. So unless your goal is to push #9 or #10 to page 2 you aren't really controlling page 1. If you could do it with five sites like Facebook for ten pages then you would be in business. ... until someone points it out to Google.

What is interesting about your post is that it is a viable negative SEO attack for websites in spot 9-10. Use Facebook to push them to page 2.
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