1. S

    HUGE List of Bookmarking Sites 10,000+

    Here's a list I found on someone's blog today. It's a really big list of bookmarking sites. Some of them could not be determined by BMD, but the majority of the sites imported and are working great. 10,000 Social Bookmarking Sites Don't forget to click the thanks button!
  2. J

    Almost 400 Social Bookmarking Sites

    I have come across a number of threads in the past that talks about 1,000s of Scuttle, Pligg, and PHPDug sites that you can use to build links. By the time you get to them, most of them now have expired domains, they've removed registration, submissions are broken, or they have removed the...
  3. T

    [HELP] How to make ScrapeBox find more URL's? (scuttle, pligg, ect)

    Hey there BHW, I just got ScrapeBox and I'm excited! I have gone through the videos and also the cool condensed ScrapeBox Guide that someone posted on the forum (good job by the way!). My main purpose in buying it was to more easily be able to harvest bookmarking URL's for BMD and SBS and the...
  4. Anubis1980

    i search 4 scuttle adult websites

    How can i find any adult scuttle site? Any idea?
  5. datura

    Scuttle/Pligg Submitter

    Suggest me PHP script or desctop tool for automatic submitting to Scuttle and Pligg sites. Please ;)
  6. T

    Google IS counting my "no Follow" backlinks

    Today I finally ranked for a very competitive phrase that I have been working on for about 2 months. After much hooping, hollering and rejoicing I decided to log in to Google Webmaster Tools so I could bask in the glory of my efforts. Then I made an interesting discovery. I used Scuttle sites...
  7. T

    Are backlinks from PR0 worth it? (like scuttle and phpdug)

    BHW, I'd like your input and experience on this subject. Do backlinks from PR0 sites help you at all. I've been looking at like BMD and some other software (social bookmark submitter) and they do a lot of scuttle and phpdug bookmarking. When i started looking at scuttle and phpdug sites, I...
  8. T

    Scuttle, phpDug or Article directory? who's making $$$?

    BHW members, I'd like your advice and experience on making money with the following types of sites: 1.) Scuttle, Scuttle Plus 2.) phpDug 3.) Article Directory I'd like something I can setup and forget and have users add content to. My thought is to make adsense or affiliate income from it...
  9. T

    new scuttleplus sites

    New Scuttleplus bookmarking sites
  10. D

    I share my personnal ******** scuttle list

    Hi Guys, I waste ~8 hours to search,check ******** and class scuttle websites,i share with you my own list. You can share it on your blog but plz linkback the original page:********-utilisant-scuttle.html Please don't forget to press thanks...
  11. O

    FREE submit to +98 scuttle

    All 98 go 100%. And it's for free. hxxp:// hxxp://
  12. H

    200 Scuttle sites and accounts

    I used Hrefer for search and Xrumer for reg, so this need to be filtered, and if anyone is intrested we can do something with this. This list can be imported in Bmd4 and i can reg as many accounts as needed, but someone need to automate=edit them. Because import in bmd is...
  13. mactep

    Scuttle? Why People use it? ITS NOFOLLOW!

    I dont get why people submit sites to scuttle submiters, yes it posts your link to multiple sites but that link is NOFOLLOW so no link juice at all... Can anybody explain me some advantages of "scuttling" ??
  14. maryoto

    Few list of Scuttle Sites

    i can't speak english very well LOL below is scuttle sites list, u can use BMD or scuttle site submiter (if you have)
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