scrapebox review

  1. msyaz

    Scrapebox is a useless Software

    Tried Scrapebox to extract URLs of websites on the search engine but the software becomes unresponsive for no reason many time. Tried using proxies and without proxies, it give the same results. Very few URLs extracted. I could do a better job doing it manually. Contacted their support but...
  2. frederickpc

    Happy Birthday Scrapebox!!

    Thanks so much for making this amazing program and I use it everyday and it is just amazing! Best tool in my stash for sure! :)
  3. M

    BIG thanks to Sweetfunny who made us BIG money with scrapebox!

    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to BHW member SweetFunny and HER amazing Scrapebox... simply put we have been messing around with domains, sites, MLM, marketing and general making money promotions on and offline for over 20 years, in the last month alone we have made in excess of $X,XXX in...
  4. onlinemarketnow

    Srapebox Addons

    For the makers of scrape box. It would be nice to see a automatic proxy update feature that works in the background of the project. So for example, if we are doing a blast, or a ping, we should not get any error message that states to get more proxies. It should automatically refresh the...
  5. onlinemarketnow

    Scrapebox & Viruses

    Hey, just want to let anyone who use scrapebox know that they NEED to have an antivirus program running with the program. Get something that protects you against WEB attacks. If you don't do this, you WILL get a bunch of trojans on your machine. Some Antivirus crashes the application.. just a...
  6. F

    Review of Scrapebox

    I guess when I bought Scrapebox I expected to much, based on the hype I thought it would blow my mind, the reality is that it does what you expect it to do competantly without really excelling. I have been using Scrapebox for a few days now and this is what I have experienced and my general...
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