scrapebox guide

  1. IG Professor

    [METHOD] Scrape Laser Targeted Leads (Phone / Emails).. for FREE

    About ... I didn't gave any value to the BHW community for more than 3 Months now since my last guide. I had some problems which you don't wanna hear. Anyways; Let's get back to business. :) Today I will show you how to scrape Targeted leads based on your niche keywords. The tools that we will...
  2. 75INZ

    75INZs Scrapebox tips

    Overview I bought Scrapebox a couple of weeks ago and have been tinkering with it every day, all day during that time. I absolutely love this tool and I've used it to rank sites 100x faster than I ever though possible. Thing is though, I don't use Scrapebox the way its intended to be used. You...
  3. E

    ScrapeBox Comments - How to effectively pass moderation on non-auto-approve blogs

    So, I've done some research and thinking on this topic. I've searched everywhere on BHW for a similar thread and haven't really hit pay dirt with this topic, which is strictly about what to say when you blast ScrapeBox comments. One easy way to "harvest" a bunch of comments is to make an AA blog...
  4. M1ndfluX

    Get previous Scrapebox versions

    Hey members, Got a couple of pm's on were to download previous scrapebox versions, so i thought it would be better to post it here. This is the url you can download previous scrapebox versions from: the 0000 part into the version you want...
  5. A

    I am not able to increase views of my article in Ezine NEED HELP !!

    Hello fellows. I am not able to increase views of my article in Ezine as shown in the video. Do any one know how to do it and if it still works ? Waiting for your response. -Talha
  6. determined

    Printed/Printable Scrapebox

    I am looking for a guide to help learn the basics of scrapebox. I would prefer that it be printable. If its an ebook that is printable that would be perfect. What is the best guide out there. I know there are a few threads with instructions already. I am looking for the best guide that I can...
  7. P

    Comments for Approvals on Blogs

    Here are a few comments I've used with some high level of success. I use this in Scrapebox but I'm sure it could be used both manually or with XRumer. Note: I put my keywords in the "name" field in scrapebox for anchors, so I don't need to add the anchor in my comments. Sample comments...
  8. cyberzilla

    [METHOD] How I Find Low Competition High Search Volume Keywords Using Scrapebox

    This method is very simple, but powerful and never failed me! I come across many untapped long tail keywords with low competition and high search volume in many niches EVERYDAY. :) Step-1: Open Google keyword tool and your favorite domain registrar Step-2: Launch SB and open the...
  9. S

    how check follow on backlinks with scrapebox

    Hi, i'm newbie with scrapebox and want know if is possible check if on a list of links are follow or no follow; same as are indexed but with about follow. Where find Usefull videos or tutorials about what can do with scrapebox. Thanks
  10. macdonjo3

    Scrapebox Returning No Harvested URLs?

    I am searching other peoples blogs to get the auto-approve and do fallow blogs. As you may know if you search link: you will give most of there backlink pages. So you can take these blogs comment and get a lot of easy backlinks. Now, how do I harvest this with scrapebox...
  11. goingreen

    Using Scrapebox for Niches ?

    Im trying to use Scrapebox to promote my niches but cant help but feel Im trying to kill an ant with a warhead. I just need to use it in a way that builds links quickly and steadily while avoiding de-indexing from google (i know i can get 33k backlinks overnight, but thats definitely overkill)...
  12. I

    Step by Step guide to maximize Scrapebox

    hello, I wonder if you can help me guys for some infos on how to maximize scrapebox. What step to do: lets say: Step 1 harvest Step 2 comment on blogs Step 3 ping... etc etc.. TIA
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