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    I bought Scrapebox a couple of weeks ago and have been tinkering with it every day, all day during that time. I absolutely love this tool and I've used it to rank sites 100x faster than I ever though possible.

    Thing is though, I don't use Scrapebox the way its intended to be used. You see, I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity. Sure, when I started using Scrapebox I'd blast the shit out of auto approved blogs hoping to get back links, but this just didn't do it for me. Was I getting back links from these? Sure I was. But I absolutely hated the quality of them. I did what I could to try and find auto approve blogs that had a reduced number of spam comments but even then, I simply didn't want my site to be associated with these other spammed comments, and most of all, I didn't want Google to associate the two together.

    So over the last couple of days I've been playing with techniques to get back links from high page rank sites. When I first started this I simply did it manually. I'd find high page ranked sites in my niche and leave a manual comment on them. But this was rather time consuming. So I've devised a couple of methods so that I can do small, controlled blasts on high page ranked sites and still leave relevant, non spam looking comments that so far, for me, have had a 90% approval rate and have even had the webmasters of said blogs emailing me saying thank you for leaving a comment, or striking up a conversation with me.

    So here are the steps I take to get these.

    For the purpose of this demonstration I'm simply going to make up a niche at the top of my head.

    The main outline of my method is to leave a comment that can apply to a number of blog posts and still remain on topic. So I look for a few things using foot prints to help me find these.

    Lets say we want to find blog posts to comment on about iPhone apps.

    Finding blogs to comment on

    First things first, scrape a list of keywords to do with iPhone apps.

    Once you have that list, we want to merge these with a footprint. The foot prints you'll want to use will look like this:

    "top * iphone apps"

    This will look for all posts that have something like "The top 15 iphone apps for being a hipster"

    If you want to narrow it down even more and increase your chances of getting an approved comment, use something like this

    "top * iphone apps" + "July 3rd 2011"

    This one will look for posts in the same fashion as the above footprint, but only those posted on July the 3rd (Which is today's date) meaning that

    A: The post is very fresh and the blog owner is generally pretty hungry for comments as well as keeping a close eye on the article for any comments that may be posted. (As apposed to posting a comment on an article from 2006 [which the first footprint may bring up] which may not get as much attention from the blog owner)

    B: There are going to be few, if any, outbound links from this post.

    Filtering out the crap

    Right, so we now have a list of blog posts to comment on. Now, you could just go and blast these with some generic "Thanks for this post" comment, but I hate doing that and that's not how I use Scrapebox.

    From here what I do is this.

    Remove duplicate domains and URLs

    I then go and remove all root domains. There isn't an option in Scrapebox to do this so I use a tool created by Looplines. I don't have the original link to the download so I've uploaded my copy. What this little tool does is goes and removes all URLs that look like:


    Because these are obviously links that can't be commented on.

    It will leave behind all the URLs that looks like

    www.site.som/blog-post/ etc

    You can download this tool here:
    Run your list of harvest blog through that and then reimport them back into Scrapebox.

    Let's continue to narrow down and get quality pages to comment on.

    Next, you want to go to Remove/Filter and select remove URLs not containing.

    For this example, you'd want to put something along the lines of or "top * iphone" (without quotation marks)

    If you're using the second foot print, you'll want to do a second pass but this time put it something like "2011" This will narrow it down to posts made only in 2011. You can continue to narrow this down bu doing something like 7/03/2011 and this will narrow it down to posts made on that specific day. These are the super high quality type blog posts you want to be targeting.

    This will remove all domains that don't have "top" somewhere in the domain. Just quickly check your list and you should be left with a bunch of domains that are something like


    So now you're left with very similar blog posts that you can tailor a comment to apply to all of them. You could blast away right now, but this is after all about quality, not quantity.

    From here I generally do a page rank check and remove all posts that have a page rank of N/A.

    This leaves us with nothing but quality blog posts to post on.

    The comments themselves

    So now that we've got very similar, high page rank posts all about the same thing essentially, we can tailor comments to them. For this iPhone app example I'd use something like:

    {Oh wow | Wow | Whoa!} {some of these | a couple of these | a few of these | these } are really {useful | handy | awesome | good looking} applications. I don't think I'd have ever {heard | found out } about that {first | second | third | fourth etc} {app | application | one} {by my self! | on my own!) { I'll definitely | I'm definitely going to} check some of these out, they seem really {handy | useful }.

    Obviously you're going to want to spin it a little more than that, but the idea is to make a comment that can apply to all these comments and because we've narrowed them all down to top 10 type posts, that's really easy.

    I then simply use the slow poster in accurate mode (yeah, I use the slow poster! It's all about quality not quantity, and quality takes time) and let them run through

    Now this next part is a personal preference of mine. I limit my posting to these blogs to about 20-30 posts a day. This, in the eyes of the big G, looks pretty natural. And plus, all these will be high page ranked so the link juice is rather tasty!


    You can use this method for any niche because they all have these "top 10 X" type posts.

    The trick is to getting posts that are essentially ALL THE SAME THING! That is why the comment approval rate is so high because we've hand tailored comments to the hand picked blog posts we've had Scrapebox pick out for us.

    You can even twist it and try things such as:

    Best _____ themes
    Best _____ recipes
    * of the best _____
    * tricks for _____
    * tips for _____

    The list is endless.

    In just a couple of days of farming posts like these and filtering out the crap to reveal all the golden nuggets, I've come up with a list of about 3,000, all of which are PR 1-9 (Mostly 3-5) which is going to last me a long, long time because I only post to about 20-30 of these a day ad at least 15-25 of them always get accepted.

    I've been doing this on a brand new site that's targeting 5 keywords in a somewhat competitive niche and all of these keywords are now on the first and second pages of Google after a week or so since start up. Quality > quantity and slow and steady is the key!

    I know this has been a long post, and if you've managed to reach this point, congratulations! I hope you've learned something. I'll be posting all of my Scrapebox tips and trick that I find along the way in this thread.
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    nice share... :)
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    zeta reticuli
    Good method! Rep given..learned something new! you need to fine tune the footprint further for accurate results because not all the blog platforms use the same date format as given above. Either you can use the time spam option in SB to harvest recently indexed pages or you need to come up with different footprint for each blogs platforms based on the date format.

    Recently I posted a similar kind of method to find high PR pages from Drupal blogs

    Also I have posted another thread which explains about finding highly targeted niche relevant pages using a wordpress plugin.

    These threads might give you ideas to tweak your method further for maximum success rate. Thanks for taking your time to help others..

    BTW Hotfile is not allowed. You need upload the file in BHW preferred site which you can find in one of the sticky threads in the download section.
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    are you basically saying you only did quality-slow blog commenting for you seo and ranked 1-2 pages for somewhat competitive keywords? thats interesting.

    i basically found this great forum while i was planning seo for my company's venue site, and after studying a month or two here, we decided that we would generate a chaotic linking structure with 4 tiers, and spam the shit out of tier 3 and 4, with many various backlink types.

    for that we are about to purchase all the tools, amr, sb, senuke, xrumer, bmd, to name a few.

    the kws arent really competitive, they are between 300~20000 exact, and most fall within couple thousands.

    do you think im overthinking?
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    Very insightful! Looking forward to more tips like this.
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    Nice method, to who ever wrote it. First of all, today isn't February 3, 2011 and iphone was not released until 2007!
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    They were examples ;)

    Ok I just reread it and it indeed is not February:p
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    I always follow post about scrapebox even if I'd rather to outsource the jobs. Since this one is about quality instead of quantity, I'm still looking to outsource some quality jobs with SB, about 1,000 blasts per URL. If there is anyone on this, let me know...
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    Internet marketer
    The Netherlands Europe
    i'm loving it :)
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    great tactic using SB.

    let me read it again and follow the steps .
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    Medical Profession
    I'm new to this forum, and SEO in general. But this post is everything I have been thinking about. Thank's for your time.