ScrapeBox Comments - How to effectively pass moderation on non-auto-approve blogs

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    So, I've done some research and thinking on this topic. I've searched everywhere on BHW for a similar thread and haven't really hit pay dirt with this topic, which is strictly about what to say when you blast ScrapeBox comments. One easy way to "harvest" a bunch of comments is to make an AA blog yourself, promote it in the blogosphere, and let other ScrapeBox blasters post to your junk, AA comment harvesting blog. This is what I did on a cardio workout themed AA blog and here are some of the comments I actually got:

    Examples of Good comments:

    Bad Comments:

    LOL this is a ScrapeBox default comment in the stock comments.txt file. n00b blast for sure.

    any short, stupid one liner saying "thanks for this article" "nice read, thank you", "will bookmark this!" has bad grammar, just has the money keyword in bold, just a link to their own site, etc

    As for what they have put in the name, email, and website fields are a mixed bag. Some of the best comments (IMO) have their keyword as the name, with the email and website fields having the website link itself (yes, it's duplicated). That's a whole other topic in itself, but the goal is to basically pass human moderation when blasting a shit-ton of comments to blogs that aren't AA.

    My main goal in learning about SB commenting is to figure out the best, psychologically sound method in passing human, non-AA moderation, and preventing Akismet from ban-hammering your proxy IPs (especially if you use your own private proxies that you pay good money monthly for). I think doing this is a two-fold benefit: 1. you get your site on "clean" blogs that don't already have 20,000+ spammy comments on it and 2. you pass moderation whereas 95%+ will just get marked as spam on that same blog by human moderators.

    Please, if you have any tips you contribute I would love to hear about them. I'm trying to "white hat" ScrapeBox commenting, so to speak, LOL.
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    Firstly I don't have as much experience as a lot of members here but this is what I do:-

    CK Page PR

    If I find good PR on a relevant site I'll Manually make a real post, if I do a good job then they usually get approved even with the keyword as part of my email addy.

    Blast 7 kinds out of the rest.

    ATB aamcle
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    yeh i tend to only comment on sites relating to my niche
    this means the comments usually get approved more as im commenting on stuff relevant to the post
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    its better to manually write the comment, especially for high pr blog sites
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    Thank you captain obvious.

    Its a lot easier to pass moderation when you're spamming niche blogs, obviously because your stock comments are more likely to be applicable.

    Probably the best way to do this is to use those comments you've picked as good ones, blast them out, and then use scrapebox's link checker tool a week later to see whats still standing. Then spot check those to see which comments are the ones that seem to work.

    I think only experience can really decide for you. Plus each niche may have different standards of "what is spam".

    For the most part, I'd stick to complimenting to post at some point, if only to satisfy the ego of the blog writer...

    BTW, i also LOVE the "does anyone remember that fitness instructor..." because it doesn't require you to read the post but really sounds like something that someone would say to start conversation...
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    That's right. Anything that sounds genuine will always pass off better than something spammy. Also, as a blog owner I cannot stress enough how important it is to use proper English in comments, otherwise it just looks like a mess!

    Also, don't be lazy and create specific comments for each niche you're targeting.