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    Here are a few comments I've used with some high level of success. I use this in Scrapebox but I'm sure it could be used both manually or with XRumer.

    Note: I put my keywords in the "name" field in scrapebox for anchors, so I don't need to add the anchor in my comments.

    Sample comments that have a good level of approval:
    1) I would like to advertise on this site. Who do I contact?
    2) How much is a banner ad on this site? 250x250 gif for run of the site?
    3) Great site but the post was a bit long. Maybe on future posts you can have a summary?

    It seems everyone wants to get money for advertising, and they approve the comments pretty frequently.

    These three seems to get approved pretty well. In fact, my money site has actually received form submissions with people who are the blog owners, and they provide me with advertising prices.
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