sandbox verus banned

  1. Z

    My experience using Scrapebox to build thousands of links and where it got me

    Hi all so although im a newbie i have been reading the forum for years. I have a favorite domain name that about two years ago i blasted very heavily with scrapebox over the span of a week. The way i stuctured the blasts was quite broad and as for my anchors i basically tried a method where...
  2. mrorzio

    I GOT SCREWED - Nightmare Happened

    I bought a site... it was in a niche I was interested in and had everything I wanted. I had all the content and was ready to get to ranking. 300 bucks was a deal so I bought it on flippa. 2 weeks later I get a nice notice -- Site deindexed and broke some rules... Back and forth I corrected...
  3. T

    Blacklisted/Sandboxed websites causing rankings to decrease

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new here to BHW and I have a simple question. We show up before a competitor and we know they play dirty. If a competitor of ours was ranking lower in the SERPs before us, what would stop them from posting our website link to "blacklisted" or "sandboxed" websites...
  4. georgeorwell

    SEO State Of The Union - Post 211

    Hey folks .... something just doesn't add up for me. That something is the sandbox and in particular as manifested by the infamous 'Google Slap'. In a world where xrumer cost is almost as cheap as the electricity coursing the server mains, why doesn't one simply Nuke one's opponents with a...
  5. C

    Does Website virus = Sandbox?

    I've been working on a client website and making steady progress with it. After a week it went from not being found to #50 for the chosen keywords. Unfortunately the site picked up an html-script-inf virus. It was caught fairly quickly and cleaned but now the site has dropped in the rankings...
  6. goingreen

    Sandbox or Google Dance?

    I've got several new domains I just bought in a great niche and want to rank on the first page of Google. Two weeks after creating the sites I paid someone else to put 650 links on these sites apiece over the course of 2 weeks. Its been about another 2 weeks and the URLs were indexed properly...
  7. Ramsweb

    Best Way To Tell Your Site is Sandboxed

    Hey there people, There are a lot of newbies here who want to know if their site has been sandboxed. The general advice is to use the domain name in google search to see if it comes up first. This doesn't work as your website can come up first for the domain name search even if your site is...
  8. C

    How can i know my site is sandboxed??

    So here i am struggling to know what happened to my site, why it is not visible on google? I was working on it well, it was ranking for almost 6 keywords and suddenly one it got lost and it's been 3 months it's not visible in google results :(. I want to know where i went wrong what all happened...
  9. giveitlegs

    Am I in the Sandbox, or am I banned?

    Hi all! I'm normally a purist Twitter marketer, but recently got into the Blackhat link building, so if my questions sounds dumb, please forgive me! I recently (within the last ten days) popped up this domain: hxxp:// ...with the intention of grabbing the 90-100...
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