My experience using Scrapebox to build thousands of links and where it got me

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    Hi all so although im a newbie i have been reading the forum for years. I have a favorite domain name that about two years ago i blasted very heavily with scrapebox over the span of a week. The way i stuctured the blasts was quite broad and as for my anchors i basically tried a method where for example if i wanted to targed apples i would put my posters name as john apples further increasing my chances of getting the comment accepted and having what i thought was a somewhat related anchor to what i was trying to get ranked for. So here is the link profile as of today from majesticseo under the fresh index keep in mind that over the past two years i have lost thousands of links as i have not attempted to do any backlinking.
    Referring Domains 1,873 5,083 in the last 5 years. Educational Ref. Backlinks: 145
    Educational Ref. Domains: 20
    Referring IP addresses: 1,658
    Referring Class C subnets: 1,233
    Also the data from open site explorer is as follows

    Domain Authority
    Page Authority Linking Root Domains Total Links
    53/100 1,785 8,302

    To top this off over the past year i have changed the contents of the domain several times originally it was a website with original health topics on it with a few hundred visitors then i started thinking about selling stuff on the website and changed it to a amazon affiliate store and made several hundred dollars for a few months but as happened with this domain and several other domains i was using for amazon affiliate stores with link cloaking all of a sudden they all dropped in the SERPS probably being targeted for duplicate content and the likes. Instead of changing the site over to a original content site again i decided to open up my own webstore and added about 50K products to it overnight. at this point im sure big G was wondering what was going on but still trickled customers in and i made a few retail sales over the holidays but after a few months decided to change the entire site again mainly because it was too difficult to work with a store with so many products. after taking down the webstore i moved into autoblogging and now have a website with about 3K autoblog posts all related to health stuff once again. Most recently although my website appears in google indexed with all of its posts i get only 1-2 visitors a day and a week ago google dropped me from ranking even for my domain name which is absolutely noncompetitive meaning if my domain name is then googleing blah doesnt bring my webpage up until page 8 of the search results. I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing i know i made a lot of newbie mistakes and that i could have probably actually done well with this domain but im wondering if there is still any possibility of starting new with this domain and utilizing some of this link juice. i wanted to target health and have writers put up articles for the domain but im not sure if all of these previously made backlinks will actually hurt me with this domain especially since google seems to have targeted my site as of late or if google is just signaling me to stop autoblogging and move into fresh content. Do you think this domain is still salvageable and any other ideas how i should go about saving it.
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    1) Buy a new domain
    2) Start over
    3) Use unique content
    4) Use quality, not quantity backlinks
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    Quality backlink.