1. Area 51 Man

    Hi everyone - Samsung vs iPhone - Let me know what do you think

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about a very controversial topic for this thread, where we can all say our opinions. I wanna know which one do you prefer, Samsung or iPhone? Why?
  2. ru0

    Need direct advertiser on Sweep.

    Hello my dear friends. My question is: I need a direct advertiser for offers like Sweestakes (Samsung, iPhone, etc.). My team need people who own the whole system. Do you know affiliate programs that have such advertisers? I worked with the Clickdealer, but they are assholes and work through...
  3. O

    Best place to buy cheap Samsung Galaxy S5-S8 Phone ?

    I need to buy a new samsung galaxy S5-S8 phone for someone and I'm just looking for the cheapest one possible / best deal on the phone. Only requirements are that it's new, It can't be refurbished or used and that it will work on Verizon network. I have never been a big phone guy so I'm not...
  4. J

    Looking for Campaigns in Brazil and latin america

    Looking for CC submit campagins, CPA basis, Low NET. Wanted ASAP: Samsung S8 and Iphone X
  5. Crusage

    Good android apps that pays per sign up?

    I've recently come across a money making android app that pays me $0.1 per referral sign up. I then used parallel space to sign up multiple times. Now my phone is running on a bot, and i have currently made $10. The problem is that i dont know if i can actually withdraw this money to my paypal...
  6. H

    App Reviews

    Hey Guys, I am in need of about 75-100 Reviews for my App on Both iOS and Android app stores. If you have both an Android and iOS Device you will be paid for both reviews. I prefer Individuals with real accounts, but I may be open to bulk reviews Reviews must stick, and you must be able to...
  7. K

    Selling phone brand case Spigen Wholesale (EU,USA)

    Hello, Our new company is looking for buyers for our brand Spigen. If anyone want to wholesale original/genuine Spigen products, your welcome to contact us. Kind regards
  8. D

    Searching for phone brand cases dropshipper (EU)

    Hello, Our brand new company is looking for dropshippers in europe who have stock of BASEUS, NILLKIN, SPIGEN, UGREEN, QUIALINO, ROCK, CAFELE or others brands phone cases and screen protectors/tempered glass. Regards
  9. S

    Hmmm...Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the iPhone 6S Plus?

    Hey guys. I see there are a number of older threads on here comparing the Galaxy and the iPhone. I have recently come to a point where I have to make a decision here and wanted to start a fresh thread to get your opinions and advice on these two awesome smartphones. I am an iPhone guy. I just...
  10. amiciusqueadfinem

    App Re Skinning

    Does anyone know of a site that has the source codes of apps or even free templates? I'm trying to basically "innovate" these apps and resell them.
  11. clean99

    Looking For Samsung or Iphone CPA

    Does anybody knows CPA for free Iphone or Samsung? Tried searching on Offervault and couldn't find any. Any tips or help appreciated :)
  12. jake-1

    Am I going to get scammed?

    Got a skype message today from a person in China that "dropships" Samsung Note 3's and S4's. He is charging 475 for the note and 425 for the S4. He has sent me another person who used him and he has good reviews. He also has agreed to use Escrow which is very safe. Are my customers going to...
  13. cburton81

    Make $1000's Per Week Selling Name Brand TV's (U.S. Clients Only)

    (U.S. Clients Only) If you know how to repair TV's there is the potential for you to make $1,000's per week. And even if you can't fix TV's you can still make over $1,000 per week since most of our TV lots are undamaged and don't need repairs but if you can the few that are damaged will make...
  14. N

    Wholesale Only in Bulk- iPhone 4S Neverlocked, iPad 3 Pre-Order, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

    Below is a list of the products we currently have available. We are brokers so we don't physically stock any product ourselves, but we do verify all of our suppliers prior to doing any business with them. We have a few suppliers we are currently working with, and each one operates a little...
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