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  1. GringoMonkey

    REVIEW COPIES | ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    I am looking to give away 3 Review Copies for my BST: Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page...
  2. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page Made $19,450.95 in Sales, from $36 Ad Spend. Learn How to Increase Conversions of YOUR Sales Page with my Step-by-Step Method that Works for Any Niche in Any Language. Without being a...
  3. R

    [HELP] How To Create A Sales Page With Affiliate System For Free

    Hello BHW member, I have a product that I want to sell and I want to add an affiliate system so that others can promote it and earn commission. However I don't know how to go about it. Any useful information, guides and videos are welcome
  4. glhawkins

    Sales Landing Page Recommended Services?

    I get served up ads on IG and FB all day long, and love the look and feel of these landing pages: Anyone know anyone that...
  5. alexel

    How Do You Design Sleek Sales Pages On Wordpress?

    How can I create sales pages like this one: on wordpress without using plugins, or new themes? They're driving me nuts. And easy enough to edit on the backend. Any thoughts?
  6. Xaliu

    How cam I Make more Money with this Store site

    I have a store website with about 10 products. Actually it was abandoned for like 3 months. So recently I started again by going straight to apply for adsense. I was surprised to see that I got Approved, that was 3 weeks ago. My Concern is I haven't being able to make anything from the adsense...
  7. Kartik Singh

    Sales or Landing Page Creator

    Hello guys, i got access to create an account for an app which creates sales or landing page in minutes. you cab create your account from here - this is not my product, create an account untill they block this. thanks
  8. Mr. Umair

    Cheap sales page to sale product via warriorplus?

    Hi everyone, It's my first post in this forum! I've planned to sale some digital products/services via W+ and looking for a cheap way to build a good (fast loading) sales page. I don't need a fancy looking landing page. Now I can't decide whether to buy WordPress hosting or some other landing...
  9. S

    Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Sales Page Builder Needed

    Hello guys, I am looking very good Page builder for affiliate product sales/marketing. Thanks in advances
  10. memme

    Rewrite Sales Page Content w. prof. Business English / CRO / High Conversion

    Hi, I am searching for a sales page content writer who can write me some killing sales pages that highly convert / convince the visitors. I already tried / fiverr / but the quality was not on point. I need a rewrite of some inner product pages to increase...
  11. Scott-NYC

    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    So you have a product to sell online? Maybe you wrote an ebook, or you are promoting a CPA product, or perhaps an affiliate item. Whatever it is that you wish to sell online, there is one thing that remains constant… you must have a sales page that converts (sells). This is the most critical...
  12. enigmaghost

    Question: Hyper-Local Organic Rank - On Page Dynamic Content

    Just a quick question for your thoughts. Is it true that regularly updated content on the landing page of a local website will help it's relevance factor to help it along with ranking organically in that GEO location?? My thoughts are along these lines: Weather Plugin City News RSS...
  13. warriorkreatives

    FREE E-cover/E-book Design!!! Until August 31,2016 :P

    Hi! I decide to offer FREE e-book/e-cover design for BHW members only establish or not establish accounts. Step1. PM or skype me the details of your project - warriorDOTkreatives Step2. Receive initial mock-up within 24-72hrs. Up to 2 revisions. Step3. Receive the source file of your project...
  14. warriorkreatives

    Steps on Posting first BHT for Thread design here? Any suggestions and IDEAS, right pricing etc?

    Hi, I've been here for couple of years i guess and not sure what is the flow or sort of ideas/steps on posting my first thread here...Is there anyone could give me a suggestions feedback based on your experience. Few things in my head: 1. I wonder what is the total cost to post my first...
  15. A

    Premium Sales Page Design - We Will Design Your SALES PAGE For Your Website And Product

  16. mancar487

    The Types of Clickbank Sites That You Should NOT Promote

    In one of my previous threads, I had discussed how beginners should go about choosing products to promote on Clickbank ( ). In this one, I'd like to highlight the types of clickbank sites...
  17. originalposter

    UNLIMITED 24/7 Wordpress Service & Development. Flat Rate. Super Fast Turn Around.

  18. T

    Where to buy PLR sales funnels

    I hope this is the right place to ask this. I run a sports-related site that gets decent traffic. I think I can monetize it better by building my own list instead of just using CPM, CPC which is what I am doing right now. Thing is, I work full time and was wondering if there are any PLR...
  19. warriorkreatives

    Right place/section to sell your graphics design services

    Greetings, I am new here and want to explore where I can up my BHW sales page to sell my graphics design services such as logo, sales page, BHW thread, WSO, ecover design and lot more... Your help is much appreciated! Warm regards, WK
  20. myinternetempire

    Need to find a top notch graphic designer to design an infographic style forum post

    I am nearing completion of a crowd-sourcing desktop application that was designed to improve SERP and I need to have a very compelling inline design made (similar to some of the designs used to promote services/products here on BHW) ... I want to use it for the forum post at BHW and Warrior...
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