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  1. The_black_raz0r

    Hi all!

    Hi pirates of web oceans! I am a newbie web3 programmer, vastly concentrated on blockchain projects. My core intrest are finance, marketing, tech and sports. If you wanna discuss smth from any topics above - feel free to dm
  2. RonyKingSourcing

    Any Broker that can close warm leads to sales?

    As the subject implies, i am seeking any Broker (crypto, investment and any other converting verticals/Niche) that can work on a warm leads and convert them to sales. If you are into Antivirus scam job, i am not interested. If there is anyone, let me know. Skype: live:ronyking247 email...
  3. H

    Best products to affiliate myself and best strategies

    Hi, I already have theorical knowledge on affiliate marketing but very few practical experience. I would like to know how can I discover top performing digital products to sell as an affiliate and what strategies can I use to sell them, with and without investment.
  4. 7

    Expert AD creator for Instagram (maximum messaging leads)

    Hello, I run a company that requires maximum ad replies. So we can then turn those messages into sales. I am seeking someone with a proven track record and results when it comes to creating Ads. If this sounds like you please get in contact as soon as possible. Eye catching Ads that the...
  5. Peter Turner

    Hiring - Sales Executives - Any Geo

    Looking for sales executives having good fluency in English and / or Your local language. Job details - You will be provided leads whom you have to call and convert into sale. The leads will be from SaaS vertical. There will be fixed monthly salary plus bonus on per acquired customer. Geo -...
  6. LLamas23

    Looking for Outreach and Closing specialist for AAA Agency in the United States

    I have started an AI Automation Agency and closed several deals in my home country however I want to start targeting US based companies. Our main focus is Personal Injury Lawyers, however we also deal with other specialties in Law. I am looking for a freelancer in the US who can reach out via...
  7. natenateaskquestions

    Need people in the US to post ads on Craigslist from multiple locations.

    Hey there! Social Media Agency owner here! We've run into issues with CL because we accidentally posted several ads in multiple cities without realizing that you can't do that anymore (this is our primary sales channel, or was, rather, for low-budget social media clients. In lieu of this...

    Top Quality Lead Generation Needed.

    I am looking to hire someone for top notch quality for lead generation. Leads will be for people who wants to buy male enhancement products probably male in old age but conversion should be good and high. I need at least name, phone number and email address. Money is not the issue i can pay very...
  9. K

    3 Techniques I Used To Make Affiliate Sales Fast

    1. Write Your Headlines As A News Or Informative Article Many people surfing the internet are looking for news, information, and entertainment. Only sometimes are they searching for products to buy. This indicates that they seldom want to click on an ad, and will not want to spend their time...
  10. D

    Conversion rate research method QUESTION (refund capability needed)

    I've seen a product viability research method described that goes like this: 1) Create landing page for product without actually having inventory (yet) 2) When people "buy" and have actually entered their info, pop up a message saying the product is experiencing delays. 3) If the conversion...
  11. jolev25

    (Asking For Help) Interior Designer Struguling To Sell My Services

    Hello I've been here for a while side hustling some of the methods in the forum to make some extra cash. Now i reached i point in my life where I have qualitiies and qualification to work on somthing that im good at but i strugle to find customers I have some expirience with Facebook ads so I...
  12. fmbaba01

    Are There Anyone/company's Working With Australia Solar System Leads here?

    I am looking for any persons or companies who work with AU Solar system leads here. I know good number works on US et al, but not sure i have read more from person who work with AU here. I will really like to know.
  13. P

    Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth with our Popup Builder - Start for FREE

    Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth A No-Code Popup Builder Easy integration on any website Our notification widgets can be embedded on any website, NO technical knowledge required 1- Install pixel Easily integrate it on any website with just one line of code. 2- Create your...
  14. E

    B2B Sales - What's Next?

    Hey guys, New to the forum but have been lurking for a while, love the content and get a ton of value from the community. I focus on Outbound and B2B Sales for big enterprise, so I wasn't sure where exactly to post about this. If this is the right space to post, my question is: What's next...
  15. GringoMonkey

    REVIEW COPIES | ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    I am looking to give away 3 Review Copies for my BST: Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page...
  16. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page Made $19,450.95 in Sales, from $36 Ad Spend. Learn How to Increase Conversions of YOUR Sales Page with my Step-by-Step Method that Works for Any Niche in Any Language. Without being a...
  17. btlr

    Responsive VA needed to send out sales emails - Hiring today

    Looking for someone to get started today sending sales emails, please DM me. I do not have Skype so communication will be via email. Product is digital services like marketing, design, maintenance, and development specifically for eCommerce stores Magento and Shopify being the main focus. Any...
  18. btlr

    Looking for a VA who can send sales emails

    I need a virtual assistant to find leads and email them the services I offer. This is for digital services and it's important the virtual assistant finds the owners email. Most of the business owners will have online ecommerce business.
  19. D

    Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously as soon as the lead opts in?

    Hey Guys! Not sure if this belongs here... Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously, as soon as the lead opts in on a landing page to connect them together on a phone call? Thanks! :)
  20. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Store Building, My Traffic

    I am looking to JV with somebody who can build and manage B2C ecom stores. In return I will create the advertising campaigns and bring traffic. Feel free to get in touch if this JV interests you.
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