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  1. E

    B2B Sales - What's Next?

    Hey guys, New to the forum but have been lurking for a while, love the content and get a ton of value from the community. I focus on Outbound and B2B Sales for big enterprise, so I wasn't sure where exactly to post about this. If this is the right space to post, my question is: What's next...
  2. GringoMonkey

    REVIEW COPIES | ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    I am looking to give away 3 Review Copies for my BST: Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page...
  3. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page Made $19,450.95 in Sales, from $36 Ad Spend. Learn How to Increase Conversions of YOUR Sales Page with my Step-by-Step Method that Works for Any Niche in Any Language. Without being a...
  4. btlr

    Responsive VA needed to send out sales emails - Hiring today

    Looking for someone to get started today sending sales emails, please DM me. I do not have Skype so communication will be via email. Product is digital services like marketing, design, maintenance, and development specifically for eCommerce stores Magento and Shopify being the main focus. Any...
  5. btlr

    Looking for a VA who can send sales emails

    I need a virtual assistant to find leads and email them the services I offer. This is for digital services and it's important the virtual assistant finds the owners email. Most of the business owners will have online ecommerce business.
  6. D

    Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously as soon as the lead opts in?

    Hey Guys! Not sure if this belongs here... Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously, as soon as the lead opts in on a landing page to connect them together on a phone call? Thanks! :)
  7. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Store Building, My Traffic

    I am looking to JV with somebody who can build and manage B2C ecom stores. In return I will create the advertising campaigns and bring traffic. Feel free to get in touch if this JV interests you.
  8. D

    Looking for ---> email marketer/ sales manager/ email extractor/ outreach specialist I Long term project

    Hi BHW I'm looking for a BD Specialist for a long term project in online marketing. Requirements Skype:
  9. F

    Race to 100

    Hi BHW. The forecast today is mild, sunny with a 70% chance of Covid, so stay indoors... And strap yourself in for thread #2 Thread #1 was a very interesting 1k article hack that had me sweating bullets into the keyboard until I stumbled on a lovely little AI hack. The results were well above...
  10. B

    Make money method - offline / online 50 50

    Hi all Its been a while and since you probably didn't see my crypto idea post ill just say again that I've been thru some supernatural shit (or psychosis) got drowned in side effective meds, almost died from depression, got a change in prescription and Ritalin is a hell of a drug that was able...
  11. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Product & My Sales Letter / Funnel

    Are you driving targeted traffic to your site but not making the sales you believe you should be? If you have a product that is not selling as well as you feel it should then chances are it is your sales page that is not converting. Team up with me on this JV and I will write your sales...
  12. Waynetimi

    How I do get more orders on fiverr?

    Good morning everyone, please I'm a freelancer on fiverr. I just need more tips to get sales this year. The fiverr algorithm is something else. I'm in branding ( brand names, slogans and logos) Thanks in advance.
  13. fmbaba01

    [Hiring] Sales Page designer & writer urgently needed.

    As the subject implies, i am looking for a good sales page writer and designer, with good optimization for mobile (i will be doing more of sms marketing with this). Conditions: --Have good proof-of-work --Good knowledge in Forex/crypto trading sales pages. --Creativeness in design --Mobile...
  14. E

    Looking for a great SALESMAN to help selling my Etsy shop

    I have a great Etsy shop with digital products, 550+ sales and 30+ reviews 5*. Right now I urgently need money and decided to sell my Etsy business. Since I've never done it before I am looking for a middle-man who can help me for a reasonable commission. I am thinking of a price 4500$ for the...
  15. JayMay

    [HIRING] Sales Professionals - High Commissions

    Hey again, You may have seen me look for Facebook Ads Professionals in my previous thread here in the HAF forum. In addition to experts in Facebook Ads, we're also looking to add more people to our Sales Team. You can be a Closer, or a Lead Gen & Closer (meaning you find your own...
  16. ProtocolVPN

    How you are utilizing internet to sell your services?

    Hello folks just wondering in this competitive market how you guys are running your business. share your thoughts on getting high on your business.
  17. S

    Looking for Advertisers

    Hello I'm looking for people who can promote my listings and bring me some sales, I'm a etsy seller and I sell face sketch so anyone interested feel free to contact me or reply this thread. Due to low points I cannot reply here in comments feel free to reach me pm
  18. T

    Improve Sales by Taking Away Their Freedom

    More choice is better… right? Wrong. That’s the conclusion of Barry Schwartz in The Paradox of Choice. Common sense says increased variety and more freedom of choice will make people happier. But studies show it does the exact opposite. It actually makes them unhappy. Why Is This? It’s...
  19. hero76

    Need temporary salesperson

    Have a list of clients that need called, must have usa voip and speak clear english. We can do flat $15 for each appointment set or commission share if client is signs up. Commission will be minimum $100 and maximum $250. please msg me with your Skype if interested
  20. Ash1

    Looking to Hire VA to manage Pinterest account

    Hi Guys, I'm in a search for someone who can provide me with Pinterest account management service. The VA must have: 1) apt knowledge about how Pinterest works. 2) Awareness about the ever-changing Pinterest trends. 3) Experience of lead generation through Pinterest (making sales). Whoever...