sales letter

  1. BusinessMachine

    [WTH] Sales letter copywriter

    Hello, I'm looking to hire a sales letter writer to write a 1200-1500 word sales letter. Please send me your rates and examples of past work. This is an immediate project. Thank you. BM
  2. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Product & My Sales Letter / Funnel

    Are you driving targeted traffic to your site but not making the sales you believe you should be? If you have a product that is not selling as well as you feel it should then chances are it is your sales page that is not converting. Team up with me on this JV and I will write your sales...
  3. whiz

    Does my letter suck balls?

    Here's my sales letter to get my foot in the door for dentists. Does it suck balls? Whiz 123 ABC Street Whiztown, USA 12345 Dr. Doc, D.M.D. 123 Dentist Road Dentistown, USA 12345 Dr. Doc, I understand that you likely lead a busy life, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I can get you...
  4. Scott-NYC

    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    So you have a product to sell online? Maybe you wrote an ebook, or you are promoting a CPA product, or perhaps an affiliate item. Whatever it is that you wish to sell online, there is one thing that remains constant… you must have a sales page that converts (sells). This is the most critical...
  5. seoways

    The Secret behind getting that SALES COPY right - Everytime!

    We thought we could share what we know, This is about the SALES COPY, not a sales copy!
  6. A

    Criticism Wanted - ORM Sales Letter

    Hey all. Below is a sales letter I whipped up for ORM. It fits perfectly on to my company letterhead. I've never done this before so I'm looking for some feedback from those of you who have. Let me know what you think! Begin: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 John Smith Acme Widget Corporation 123...
  7. N

    Let me write a sales letter for you FREE - honing my copywriting skills

    Hi, I'm taking a copywriting course by John Carlton. There's one chapter on how to quickly create a world-class ad. The idea is to record a sales pitch given by a master salesman and use it as the foundation for the sales letter. I'd like to write practice this exercise, which will result...
  8. Q

    Is copywriting the same as ad writing?

    Do all copywriters have the ability to write highly converting sales ads or most of them focus only on writing interesting content for a blog without a sales pitch in it?
  9. B

    Copywriter Needed for Clickbank product

    We are in need of someone to do a restructure on our existing sales letter. This is for a info product targeting the infertility niche offering natural infertility remedies. the sites no 1 competitor is which i know converts quiet well. Our site already has content...
  10. dariusdarius

    Content for sales page

    Hello, I am looking for a content writer.The content i need is for a sales page for a CB product in the dating niche( ebook ).I will let you read the book and based on this you will write the content for the sales page. Let me know your price and samples. Thanks
  11. Bluefrog_1974

    Anybody got a basic mobile website sales letter?

    Hi everybody, just finally got some time to start looking into a mobile website business and I've found out I'm not a writer lol Does anybody have a basic sales letter to get the business interested and explain why they need a site etc with a call to action (call/email me etc...)? I'd...
  12. fbfans

    Can anyone write a killer sales letter, or suggest someone that can.

    G'day everyone, Iv been looking to expand my current business and need a killer sales letter/email which can be sent out to future clients. Problem is I want a fresh outside person to write this as I am close to the project. Obviously I am willing to pay for high quality and good return...
  13. M

    I have a product, But now i need a Sales Letter

    Hi, so i have finally made my product and now i need a sales letter. I would want to use it for clickbank also. So i need a sales letter landing page, thank you page.
  14. M

    Need to build some beautiful opt-in page that will convert

    Hi there, I need to build a few simple and beautiful opt-in page so that visitors are more willing to fill in their email. I need a few of them for different niches, the text wasn't a problem but i need beautiful images and design or even videos integrated will be great. Interested please pm...
  15. M

    A question on creating salesletter

    I dun want my sales letter to be too boring so I want to add some kind of audio or videos. Sometimes in a sales page, I saw some "real people" came out and talk about the product when opening the website. I am wondering how to make those kind of audio stuff or service?? Or are they any PLR...
  16. C

    best way to buid backlink to your sales page

    i just want to asked how you build backlink to your sales page so it can rank in google first page thx..:)
  17. D

    [WANT] A skilled Copywriter/Sales letter writer!

    I need someone who has had experience doing sales letters and can write me a killer sales letter for my Product! and Design layout, Ebook cover and Banners for my Product. Send me a PM please
  18. entreprenuer

    <Found a wide open niche!![product creation]

    Hey I found a niche that no other person is promoting on clickbank and the overall Search engine competition is about 500,000 results for a keyword that can rake in 50k searches a month. I need a software or sitebuilding tool to build a salespage. what do you merchants typically use to build...
  19. S

    Mini Site or Single Page Sales Letter Landing Page

    I want to pick your brains(if your cool with it) on this question. Which approach do you take in marketing your products? I honestly think the sales letter format is overused and ugly - but I'm biased since I'm a part time web developer. I did notice bounce rate decrease with the mini...
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