sales copy

  1. GringoMonkey

    REVIEW COPIES | ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    I am looking to give away 3 Review Copies for my BST: Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page...
  2. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ [CASE STUDY + STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] Learn the Copywriting Secrets of Successful Sales Pages

    Do you want your online sales pages to get higher conversions? Discover the Secrets of Why a Simple Sales Page Made $19,450.95 in Sales, from $36 Ad Spend. Learn How to Increase Conversions of YOUR Sales Page with my Step-by-Step Method that Works for Any Niche in Any Language. Without being a...
  3. Ranking Expert

    [HAF] Sales Copywriter Urgent

    Looking for someone who can write sales copy ASAP. Pm me or Hit my skype: live:.cid.3bcb51a72863b9a4 only Jr. VIP members reach out to me, I will ignore people without the ability to sell on forums.
  4. TheGreyMatter

    Content so good, You will feel like licking the screen!

    Just Do It! That line reminds you of a brand. An action-packed sports brand. Without even naming it, you and I both know what I am talking about it. Same goes for Think Different and It’s finger-lickin’ good. That’s the power of a good sales copy. It settles in your brain so deep that...
  5. E

    Free Copywriting service

    Hello, This is my first post here. I am starting my career in copywriting and I know the best way to become good at it is to practice that's why I am offering my services for FREE. Yes, you heard me right... I am offering my service for NO COST at all. Here are a few things I’m good at...
  6. Mr.Chicken


    Hello there! I am looking for a copywriter to write about my new products that I'm gonna be launching on my shopify store. Gonna need a product description that makes sales. I want a great sales copy for 10 of my new products. + Email for marketing my product. Followup emails and stuff . If...
  7. TheItalianJob

    Hi monsters! Momo is here

    Hi guys! I'm Momo from Italy, a long time lover of the BlackHat forum and a loyal Marketplace customer. I never posted before, but now I feel it's time to introduce myself and spread the word! I've been involved in digital marketing by the last 7 years, in many different projects, I got a web...
  8. S

    Looking for a research heavy content writer - Long term partnership with 3-5 articles a week

    Hey, I'm looking for a native speaker who's able to provide 3-5 500-1500 word articles a week. The content is research heavy so we can adjust the rate per 100 words. I'm looking for a long term partnership. I need a reliable person I can work with, no strolling around, we do real business. I...
  9. life2ifeless

    Selling sales copywriting (direct response) on BHW?

    Hi guys, I noticed on most sellers in the marketplace are selling blog content or articles type of writing. Why aren't more sellers selling sales copywriting, like direct response emails or squeeze pages sales pitches?
  10. DeLaGarde

    Looking for Greek copy writing and SEO services

    I have ongoing have white hat marketing projects (both online and offline) that require Greek language sales copy. Flyers, articles, product and service descriptions. Also company websites, amazon shops and so on that require sales copy and SEO. If you can do this or know someone who can...
  11. seoways

    The Secret behind getting that SALES COPY right - Everytime!

    We thought we could share what we know, This is about the SALES COPY, not a sales copy!
  12. D

    SUPERSTAR Copywriter for Affiliate Program content NEEDED!!!

    Hello, I need a copywriter to work on an affilate program fora companisonship website. I need content to get affilates, to train affilates, to get content for affilates to use. For site; Sales page Video script Banner ads for program Text ads for program Email templates for program Phone...
  13. teddym

    Only Clickbank Professionals... I Need Your Opinion On This...

    Hi Everyone, I just launched my new (and first!) Clickbank product. It's a green smoothie cleansing & weight loss ebook. I am having a hard time driving sales. Clickbank shows 3165 hops, 55 order form impressions, but only 1 sale. I need some fresh eyes to look into this copy, and who is...
  14. warriorkreatives

    Where i can post my thread here for FREE design services?

    Hi, i've here for a while but still i don't know where exactly to post a thread for FREE design offer? Any idea? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. spider7

    Selling Sucks...!!

    Selling Sucks...!! I was cruising along and found this interesting Read started by some Phd in Social Science at University of Wisconsin. The dude is balking on-an-on about how much it sucks to try and sell for a living. About how sales people are no longer needed....bla-bla-bla. He brought up...
  16. sumitgupta1992

    Sales copyrighting/ content services needed

    Hello, I need someone to write really high quality content plus design a very attractive sales copy for some services that I would like to offer.The person should be highly skilled in design/ graphics as that would be required for the sales copy. I would accept only Jr. VIPs or people with...
  17. portalweb

    USA based Sales Copy Writer for Classified Ads

    Hi, Please...I do not want any non-USA writers. I pay good for the best sales copy writing services. Thanks!
  18. P

    Looking for someone to write a simple sales copy

    I need a sales copy of about ~200 words. It's regarding a social media service. I already have my own copy made to give you an example of what i want, obviously you will need to improve on it and make it more enticing. Notes: Native english speakers only, don't BS me. This copy will be read...
  19. kyescontent

    U.S. College Grad Content Writer - Over 10 Years of Happy Clients - Your Ace in the Hole!

    Hail BHW Members! For over 10 years, I have been writing scintillating content to drive traffic and conversions. I’m a university graduate and native English speaker with Honors in Journalism from George Mason University. I have SEO experience and inside knowledge from employment in the Google...
  20. B

    wanted sales page designer and writer

    Looking for someone to design and write a sales page. Please send me PM with sample sales copy work. and please include a ball park figure of how much you want for such a job.
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