SUPERSTAR Copywriter for Affiliate Program content NEEDED!!!

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    I need a copywriter to work on an affilate program fora companisonship website. I need content to get affilates, to train affilates, to get content for affilates to use.

    For site;

    Sales page
    Video script
    Banner ads for program
    Text ads for program
    Email templates for program
    Phone scripts for program
    Landing pages for affiliates
    Landing pages for sales

    For affilates;

    Email series for affiliates (tips and encouragement)
    Banner ads for affiliates
    Text ads for affiliates
    Email templates for affiliates
    Phone scripts for program
    Affiliate training manual (steps to follow)
    Auto responder emails + eBook for affiliates to use
    landing pages for affiliates to use
    Open to other ideas

    I have plug-ins and designers to complete the program, all I need to the content. Please reply withe superstar in the first line. Since we are starting we have a low budget , we can always rewrite the entire project later. For now we can just edit swipe files and edit other templates to complete this at the most afforable price.

    I just need someone who has experience with affilate programs and might already have templates to use. We can both work witha designer to create images and the like. Please let me know what you can do and the cost.

    Warm regards

    PS the programm is for refering companions and it offers a referal fee and commissions in many cases.
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    Hi, @dayday247. I see that the most important parts of your project need content. I see that this is not a simple article writing project.
    Since you've mentioned that you aim to get this done at the most affordable price that's possible, would you mind PM'ing a ballpark figure of your budget for all of these, together with the complete and final list of items that you need one to write?