rotating ips

  1. T

    Needing Help: rotating proxy list for traffic bot

    Good morning to everyone, I'm writing here because I don't know how can i do to reach results I'm looking for. My situation: I have a online newspaper and I want to reach about 300 000 visitors monthly, I tried using a traffic bot, in this case Diabolic traffic bot (Crack version). I also bought...
  2. ItsVova

    Looking for a residential proxies with payment per threads/port

    HI! Looking for a residential proxies with payment per threads/port On the forum I found a few sites only.
  3. D

    Good rotating proxies other than StormProxies??

    Hey all, Does anyone have an alternative to StormProxies Backconnect Rotating proxies. I have a scraping bot built by a developer so ideally something that can be accessed via the same method where I just whitelist my IP and feed the proxy gateways to my application (I cant code). I have a low...
  4. J

    Multiple FB Profiles, 1 Computer - Rotating Residential Proxy vs 4G??

    Hi everyone! I want to use multiple FB profiles on 1 computer, and along with multilogin, I am deciding between either using a private rotating residential proxy, and the 4G from my phone. I actually would love to use a static private residential proxy, but sadly I can't find a provider that...
  5. Brickbat1

    Video Tutorial to setup 4G Android Static Proxy or BackConnect RotatingProxy with ip:port VPS access

    So at last here is a detailed video tutorial on how to set up your own 4G Android proxy, whether static or rotating or on-demand ip switching. After watching this video, everyone should be able to make their own 4G proxies that you can access from your vps through an access ip : port. Enjoy!
  6. Brickbat1

    √√ Rotating Mobile 4G/LTE proxies For Account Creation/Management,Scraping & Social Media ($50/m)

    Mobile IPs are the perfect way to fly under the radar of many website services. This is simply because by design, very many users share one ip on a mobile network. This service is perfect for account registrations, web scraping, social media botting and marketing campaigns. Bulk email is not...
  7. P

    Residential proxies with session control? Oxylabs? Others

    Looking for residential proxies that allow for session control (maintain the same proxy for the duration of session). Sessions may be anywhere from a few minutes to half a day, and I have other needs for proxies that persist for a few months at a time. First, I'm not sure if residential...
  8. thecoolhascome

    Looking for an alternative to ProxyRack

    Hello, I just purchased proxyrack, and they are okay, but some of the proxies rotate to be dead. I was wondering if there was an alternative for something close to that price, Thanks In advance everyone! ;):p:D
  9. S

    Bulk Email Server Setup

    HI All, I am planning to setup a VPS based (outgoing only) bulk email setup to send roughly 1-2 million emails daily. I just can't get milked by Constant Contact any further. I have run out of juice. Can some one give me a drop down on: Is it better to opt for multiple SMTP instead of 1? Is...
  10. G

    Need interspire / ip rotation help help

    I'm using Interspire 6.0.2 on a VPS with Exim and it works fine expect I need it to send out more emails per hour. Also I need to know what to program to use so I can rotate the IP addresses. Need help asap!
  11. J

    How to switch between static ip addresses

    Hi there, I have several static ip addresses that I would like to be able to login under and use for various business endeavours. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a service that would easily allow me to do so? Thanks. :D
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