Good rotating proxies other than StormProxies??

Nov 5, 2021
Hey all,

Does anyone have an alternative to StormProxies Backconnect Rotating proxies. I have a scraping bot built by a developer so ideally something that can be accessed via the same method where I just whitelist my IP and feed the proxy gateways to my application (I cant code).

I have a low success rate with the proxies on the website I'm trying to scrape so I'm seeing if there are other IP pools I can try out. The site uses Cloudflare if that helps

Quite a few such providers on BHW now, just go to the Proxies for Sale section of the marketplace and search for 'rotating', limiting your search to that forum. Some charge by the number of requests, amount of bandwidth used or pool of IPs, but they should all have the same or similar way to Storm Proxies of accessing the proxies.

BTW Cloudflare can be a pain for any proxies depending on how high the security is set and if the site uses bot fight mode.
Any dedicated 4G proxy should work. And you can whitelist mobile IPs too so feeding the proxy gateways won't demand much of coding knowledge imho.
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