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  1. ProxyStore - Static Datacenter Proxies, Static ISP Proxies, Sticky and Rotating Residential Proxies

  2. vasi36

    4G EU Mobile Proxies - ✅ Dedicated ✅ Fast ✅ Reliable

    No fancy graphics. No BS. Let's go straight to the business. Features: 100% Dedicated: Unique 4G SIM card & device for every user with fresh, clean IP (no sharing!) IP rotation on demand. The minimum time interval that can be set for IP rotation is 5 minutes. Unlimited data Full private...
  3. Dor_NetNut 10M+ ⚡ FAST Residential Proxies Static & Rotating ↪️ ️24/7 Active IPs ✅ 20% OFF LIFETIME ⚡

    NetNut Residential Proxy Network Super Fast Static & Rotating Residential IPs Directly from Worldwide ISPs Gather any web data & Never get blocked. Over 10 Million Residential IPs 24/7 IP Availability Premium Static & Rotating IPs One-hop ISP Connectivity City / State Selection >> Get your...
  4. Impressor

    [Beta Testers] for an Intelligent Rotating Proxy Solution

    Looking for beta testers for an API-based proxy service. We've been into development of a premium proxy service since quite some time and our back-end has been operational for a while. Nearing our launch, we're looking for some reviewers and beta testers who would be interested in testing our...
  5. flashsites

    Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies

    Hi I've been looking for Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies for a while now. Why are they so hard to find? Any recs?
  6. M4rk17

    Ghost Browser & Proxies

    I am thinking about using Ghost Browser to manage up to 100 accounts but i need to know which are the best types of proxies to use (Ones that will not get black listed or same proxies sold to multiple people etc). I used top use Multi login but now it has become to expensive for what we use it...
  7. Gazo

    How to write a web crawler from scratch with Proxy support

    Overview Most Python web crawling/scraping tutorials use some kind of crawling library. This is great if you want to get things done quickly, but if you do not understand how scraping works under the hood then when problems arise it will be difficult to know how to fix them. In this tutorial I...
  8. Brickbat1

    Video Tutorial to setup 4G Android Static Proxy or BackConnect RotatingProxy with ip:port VPS access

    So at last here is a detailed video tutorial on how to set up your own 4G Android proxy, whether static or rotating or on-demand ip switching. After watching this video, everyone should be able to make their own 4G proxies that you can access from your vps through an access ip : port. Enjoy!
  9. O plugin - rotating proxies

    Hi, I'm trying to scrape some yellow pages using the yellowpage plugin in scrapebox. I first tried harvesting some proxies, but was having a bunch of issues since the connections kept freezing or scrapebox was constantly dropping them. So I saw the article on back connect proxy and signed up...
  10. O

    Scrapebox - yellowpage scraper - rotating proxies

    Hi, I'm trying to scrape some yellow pages using the yellowpage plugin in scrapebox. I first tried harvesting some proxies, but was having a bunch of issues since the connections kept freezing or scrapebox was constantly dropping them. So I saw the article on back connect proxy and signed up...
  11. airxxx

    Looking for 3G / 4G/ LTE rotating mobile proxies (US, EU)

    Hi, I create zennoposter templates and looking for somewhere to purchase quality 3G / 4G/ LTE rotating mobile proxies. So, I'm looking for a quality mobile proxies. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. B

    Looking for rotating proxies

    I'm looking for rotating proxies with a few minimum requirements, Access IPs/Ports = 5000+ Pool size = 200,000+ Rotation per ip/port = 5 Minutes I've used multiple services that provide such proxies, however a lot of these services have recently lost pool size and refuse to admit it, charging...
  13. Saly Verona

    Buy Mobile Proxies for Instagram, Facebook, Web Interactions ⏩ ⏪ Static, Rotating 4G

    What kind of proxies do you offer in your shop? Here at we offer private mobile static and rotating http(s) proxies. Supported almost by any software. What is the difference between static and rotating proxies? For static proxies – IP changes naturally by the cellular operator...
  14. R

    Proxies for mass account creation

    I am seeking a rotating proxy provider for mass account creation, I plan on making massive amounts of accounts and have tried Storm rotating proxies but didn't have very much success with these. Does anyone have a provider they could recommend that they've had success with? So far the only...
  15. B

    Rotating Proxies For Web Scraping

    Does anyone know of a reliable vendor for rotating/backconnect proxies that can be used for Web Scraping. It would be good if the vendor offered even a day of free trial because the last couple of times I tried such proxies, many of the proxies didn't work and were blacklisted already Thanks
  16. D

    Wanted: Rotating proxies, high threads, proxy on demand for scraping

    Hi everyone I am looking for a rotating proxy service from the US. I need to be able to operate with high threads, they need to be rotating, and they need to be replaced on request from the software. Any suggestions, or possibly even another solution to make scraping faster with out proxies...
  17. yellowcat

    How do rotating proxy services get proxies?

    I see a bunch of rotating proxy services with thousands of proxies in their pools. Do they just essentially scrape them all from other websites? Scan the internet with a port scanner? or do you think they from a botnet? Because purchasing them seems unreasonable.
  18. Tough Guy

    Residential Rotating Proxies Anyone?

    Does anyone know a provider that has residential rotating proxies? I need mostly US, but would some a few proxies from Australia, UK, Canada and maybe France or Germany. I have tried/talked to the following providers: @RotatingProxies (Rotating Proxies) - Tried but didn't work out. Have been...
  19. B

    Looking for reliable backconnect/ rotating proxies

    I am in the lookout for a reliable provider of backconnect/ rotating proxies (US) The proxies would be used for scraping directories like YP and YELP and not for scraping Google or facebook. Have tried a couple of providers but am having intermittent connectivity issues with their proxies and...
  20. deki33

    ⭐⭐⭐ Storm Proxies ⭐⭐⭐ 200,000+ Premium Reverse Rotating Proxies ✅ Starting from $11.90 ✅

    Premium Reverse Backconnect Rotating Proxy Get Unlimited Access to 200,000+ Private Rotating Proxies • Fresh IP with every HTTP request To keep IPs clean we rotate all of them from a proxy pool and assign a random proxy with every HTTP request. • 3 Minutes Proxies These proxies change...