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  1. ResiProxies


    Contact LiveChat : Email: [email protected] Ready to get started? Click here! Reply to this thread with "RESIPROXIES BHW" and you will receive 10% coupon on DM
  2. Pulsare

    ☄️☄️☄️ UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH RESIDENTIAL PROXIES ☑️ 32M+ Worldwide IPs ☑️ Rotating & Sticky Sessions ✨ 35% OFF FOR BHW MEMBERS ✨

    Frequently Asked Questions: Q) Do you take crypto payments? A) Yes, we take crypto, please contact us by opening a ticket in our discord server or email us at [email protected] Q) Is there a discount for BHW Members? A) Yes! Please reply to this thread with "Pulsare Residential Proxy Discount"...
  3. nickchernets

    Data Impulse: ✅ Residential rotating proxies ✅ Clear pricing ✅ Sticky session up to 30 minutes ✅ 194 locations

    What Residential Proxies from Data Impulse include: Fresh IP with every request To make sure our IPs are clean we rotate them from a proxy pool and assign a random IP with every request you make. Sticky session Keep the connection live for up to 30 minutes to complete your task without any...
  4. Purbisti | Exclusive Datacenter & AT&T ISP Proxies | 10GBPS Ashburn AT&T Uplink | FULLY AUTOMATED CHECKOUT (Click Anywhere for Site) FAQ Do you offer free trials? Yes, contact our live chat support for a free trial. Which products are exclusive to Shiftproxy? Our new Datacenter & ISP products are exclusive to our service. No other providers have these proxies! What is the...
  5. ThunderProxies


    BUY NOW - DISCORD SERVER (SUPPORT) - REFUND POLICY If it's not working, open a ticket on our Discord server and we will get it resolved or refund you.
  6. GSproxy

    Ghostealth | Rotating Datacenter Proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth | Instant Setup & Massive IP-Pool

    However, before you consider buying a subscription, we would like to point out that we offer a free-trial. This is to ensure that you only spend money on our product if it is suitable for your purpose. You can request the free-trial just after >> SIGNING UP << FAQ What is our Refund Policy...
  7. ViP


    Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You don't have a similar service 3. You will write a review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just reply with a reason why should I choose you 3. Best replies get free review copies 4. You will receive a...
  8. T

    Needing Help: rotating proxy list for traffic bot

    Good morning to everyone, I'm writing here because I don't know how can i do to reach results I'm looking for. My situation: I have a online newspaper and I want to reach about 300 000 visitors monthly, I tried using a traffic bot, in this case Diabolic traffic bot (Crack version). I also bought...
  9. shindou90

    Does IP matter when logging into Social Media Account?

    I was learning about rotating proxies and to my knowledge, it can be used to mass create accounts (among other things). However, once an account is created with a randomly assigned IP, later when I want to log in, should I be using proxies or can I use my own IP address? Does the IP I use to...
  10. D

    Good rotating proxies other than StormProxies??

    Hey all, Does anyone have an alternative to StormProxies Backconnect Rotating proxies. I have a scraping bot built by a developer so ideally something that can be accessed via the same method where I just whitelist my IP and feed the proxy gateways to my application (I cant code). I have a low...
  11. ProxyStore - Static Datacenter Proxies, Static ISP Proxies, Sticky and Rotating Residential Proxies

  12. vasi36

    4G EU Mobile Proxies - ✅ Dedicated ✅ Fast ✅ Reliable

    No fancy graphics. No BS. Let's go straight to the business. Features: 100% Dedicated: Unique 4G SIM card & device for every user with fresh, clean IP (no sharing!) IP rotation on demand. The minimum time interval that can be set for IP rotation is 5 minutes. Unlimited data Full private...
  13. Dor_NetNut 10M+ ⚡ FAST Residential Proxies Static & Rotating ↪️ ️24/7 Active IPs ✅ 20% OFF LIFETIME ⚡

    NetNut Residential Proxy Network Super Fast Static & Rotating Residential IPs Directly from Worldwide ISPs Gather any web data & Never get blocked. Over 10 Million Residential IPs 24/7 IP Availability Premium Static & Rotating IPs One-hop ISP Connectivity City / State Selection >> Get your...
  14. Impressor

    [Beta Testers] for an Intelligent Rotating Proxy Solution

    Looking for beta testers for an API-based proxy service. We've been into development of a premium proxy service since quite some time and our back-end has been operational for a while. Nearing our launch, we're looking for some reviewers and beta testers who would be interested in testing our...
  15. flashsites

    Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies

    Hi I've been looking for Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies for a while now. Why are they so hard to find? Any recs?
  16. M4rk17

    Ghost Browser & Proxies

    I am thinking about using Ghost Browser to manage up to 100 accounts but i need to know which are the best types of proxies to use (Ones that will not get black listed or same proxies sold to multiple people etc). I used top use Multi login but now it has become to expensive for what we use it...
  17. Gazo

    How to write a web crawler from scratch with Proxy support

    Overview Most Python web crawling/scraping tutorials use some kind of crawling library. This is great if you want to get things done quickly, but if you do not understand how scraping works under the hood then when problems arise it will be difficult to know how to fix them. In this tutorial I...
  18. Brickbat1

    Video Tutorial to setup 4G Android Static Proxy or BackConnect RotatingProxy with ip:port VPS access

    So at last here is a detailed video tutorial on how to set up your own 4G Android proxy, whether static or rotating or on-demand ip switching. After watching this video, everyone should be able to make their own 4G proxies that you can access from your vps through an access ip : port. Enjoy!
  19. O plugin - rotating proxies

    Hi, I'm trying to scrape some yellow pages using the yellowpage plugin in scrapebox. I first tried harvesting some proxies, but was having a bunch of issues since the connections kept freezing or scrapebox was constantly dropping them. So I saw the article on back connect proxy and signed up...
  20. O

    Scrapebox - yellowpage scraper - rotating proxies

    Hi, I'm trying to scrape some yellow pages using the yellowpage plugin in scrapebox. I first tried harvesting some proxies, but was having a bunch of issues since the connections kept freezing or scrapebox was constantly dropping them. So I saw the article on back connect proxy and signed up...