1. gBraid

    Pay-Per-Click vs Organic Traffic: Which Is More Sustainable?

    Dive into an intense discussion on the long-term effectiveness and ROI of PPC campaigns versus organic SEO strategies in digital marketing.
  2. P

    ROAS on cpa marketing methods

    Greetings guys, I am new to the forum this is officially my first post and just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I from Serbia work full time from 2pm - 11pm, but am searching to make more income streams since corona just basically showed us how not one kind of income stream can be...
  3. T

    25 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider Tracking

    Which metrics are right for each marketing channel, and how should you use them? Marc explains 25 metrics for retention, SEO, paid search, email and social. Source:
  4. D

    Monetizing loaded AWS accounts - Productive Discussion!

    Dear community, upon trying for the last couple of months I've finally 'advanced' my Amazon AWS method. With the technique I'm creating accounts with $6,500 spendable balance with an average cost per creation of $70. Now comes the hard part: Monetizing these accounts; some ideas I've had...
  5. manas23

    PBN Links/PBN Network on a Budget

    Before you say PBN Network is always better, ROI is the biggest challenge to people with budget. I have been trying to get the #1 rank from my competitors in a very spammed niches full of spammed anchor texts. The #1 competitor of mine gets link juice from these websites, I do not know how they...
  6. sanjananb

    How much are you willing to lose when running a facebook ad

    How much money are you willing to lose when you start running a Facebook ad for a new country or niche? Do you expect to see sales as soon as your ad started running? or how much money do you usually spend on Facebook ads before getting a good ROI, or break even
  7. Boost2Pro

    Do you work with sweepstakes or e-commerce?

    Do you work with sweepstakes or e-commerce? Then read the article about Generation Z in which we described in detail how to effectively tune advertising to this audience. Read more:
  8. speedie

    Subscription model vs one-time fee for SOFTWARE business

    Hey guys, Just wanted to ask opinions based on your experience as a software seller or software buyer. Which of the payment models make more sales for you? Which are you more likely to buy from a seller? Assuming the product is top-notch and flawless. Example: Monthly subscription say $59...
  9. Adivertising

    If you have a land or house in countryside do this:

    Build 3 vertical farms: 1) Soldier Fly Larvee - Best protein producer in the world (free cost of feeding - they turn garbage into protein) - you get money for garbage disposal, and for selling dry larvae which are full of proteins. 2) Inland Fish Farm - Profitable especially if your city is...
  10. wydos

    Expired domain + on page seo + PBN

    Hi guys I am currently working on a project for me. There is a question about building a site while studying at BHW. I need help because I do not have much knowledge yet. At present, I bought a premium domain for Nargil. Its stats are beautiful. This expired domain will avoid Google's...
  11. deBling

    Load time vs shinning

    Hi, i have question regarding conversion and bounce rate (which is almost same). The problem that i would like to use a heavy loaded fancy wordpress theme like veera , which contain stuff like slider revolution and visual composition, which is loaded heavly on my side...but i check the demo site...
  12. Adcombo


    We are still ready to buy your case-study for a good price. And this case-study was sent to us by Jane. Let us give her the floor! CPA network: AdCombo Offer: Ecospray GEO: Lebanon Traffic Source: PrepellerAds – Push Notifications Ad Spend: $387 Revenue: $1050 ROI: 171% Hello, case-study...
  13. AdwordsAlgorithm

    {HELP}Spent $200 In 4 days with Adwords Promoting Calls But 0% ROI

    I recently got approved for a pay per call affiliate network and I started running AdWords ads my CPC is some around $9 but to my big surprise the callers are not staying too long some ended the call within 0:00 and some around 0.1 and the required time for the call to be converted into a valid...
  14. jason haney

    Adwords JV

    Hi BHWer's, I am looking for JV Partners in Adwords. Let me cut it short. I have 7yrs experience in Running Adwords Accounts for Different niche and Offers. I am looking for Someone who can create bulk Adwords Accounts. So Your Adwords Accounts + My Skills in Maximum ROI . Lets Earn Some $$$
  15. shafi432

    The $177,843.34 Facebook Ad Test (Video vs Collection Ads)

    Came across this article while looking for better ways to reach more people and good ROI. The article compares video ads vs collection ads and how the latter can help you achieve better ROIs. Link -
  16. M

    Looking for Virtual Assistant to locate Amazon Products. (info inside)

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a virtual assistant who can help with finding products online with a decent ROI and sales rank for my amazon shop. Assistants who are familiar with Drop Shipping Toolkit would be ideal to locate items easily (I can provide my account log in if needed) unless you...
  17. lumpychum

    Does Instagram have any sort of ROI?

    Hey all, I'm new here (as you can probably see). I have an Instagram account currently at 4K gaining about 1K followers bi-weekly (~500 per week). As I am progressing further along with the account, I was wondering if Instagram had any sort of ROI for the time spent growing and maintaining it. I...
  18. Degen

    800% ROI no leads

    So I am doing CPA again, and was wondering what is an amazing ROI ? I have 800% + ROI WITH A HUGE BUT! I have 0 leads generated as of now. All these are from PPC on the offers instead of the Completed offer/installs.. Anyone got banned for this ever? I am not clickjacking my own offers...
  19. alexeidos3

    BOT or NOT? My personal experience with AdSense and Traffic Wizard

    Hello everybody, I'd like to discuss with you some tests I did buying some traffic to a website of mine with viral posts on (galleries and interesting things). So, my website has 3 banners AdSense 300x250 into the single posts and some other banners (same size) on the homepage and category...
  20. MMJason

    Around $4000 in a few days - stacking offers - CPA trick

    I have been trying just a few things in the last couple of weeks! So here is what you need to do. 1. Find a good CPA Network 2. Look for incentive offers 3. Look for offers that you can stack, afaik it is called co reg 4. Drive traffic and force the user to fill out an offer: Social traffic...
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