rip off report

  1. randybishop

    What the best method to rank a Rip Off Report page? Need help.

    I don't want to get into the story, but a website ripped me off. It is partly my fault because I ignored some sketchy behavior but I lured by what I thought was a great service, but was never delivered and now I am out of $$$. What the best way to rank a Rip Off Report page? Link pyramid, tons...
  2. F

    Help point me in the right direction

    Hi. So, I have frequented these forums for some time and finally need some help. One of the companies I work for has a negative reputation arising from an anonymous post on ripoffreport. I need help in burying this post with reputation management and what I should do in this situation. Help is...
  3. D

    Change Google Autocomplete

    Is there a way to influence Google's Autocomplete feature? Recently Google added the autocomplete "complaints" to my client's name. This just happened and is killing business because there is a Ripoff Report posted by an ex-employee.
  4. W

    Vote: Who hates GoDaddy!?

    I just canceled my GoDaddy account that I managed to get a really bad one page website inserted into it using FileZilla. >> GoDaddy is designed to confuse people and rip them off. I am looking for a very easy way to get my webpages online that I make using a simple html editor. I would also...
  5. Couch Monkey Media

    Anyone know how to get something taken off the ripoffreport site?

    I have two Customers that have items on the ripoff reports. Does anyone know how to get these items taken down? I told my customer they don't matter. No one searches for the terms that it comes up under. But they keep asking to see what I can do to get them gone. So I am asking Here anyone...
  6. S

    A Few Tips Reputation Management (ripoff report, complaints board)

    My competitors have ramped it up and are relentlessly posting fake complaints on the major sites ripoffreport and complaintsboard. Just wanted to share some tips even if this is being rehashed. If you are a one-man operation, maintaining your reputation can be difficult and very time consuming...
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