1. T

    Does Ringtones still convert well?

    I have developed a site that offers ringtones as an affiliate. These are targeted visitors because they would be looking for a particular song and that ringtone offer would be suggested as well. I am trying to get an idea of how well ringtones would convert. I have heard many different numbers...
  2. I

    Good Conversation With An AIM Virus! (read the convo)

    If you've used aol instant messenger, you've probably gotten an im from someone with an infected computer. I've seen ones that pause and ones that do other things, but this one was actually convincing for a second till I checked. Read it below: So basically, it ims you with a sophisticated...
  3. D

    Automatic Tool Turns MP3s -> Watermarked Ringtone Videos

    This is a simple tool that I created for my private ************** but am willing to release to the public (free) should there be enough interest. This isn't one of those "build up interest and never create the product" posts, the product is done and it works. What does it do Just point the...
  4. Rapper

    200,000+ views a day on Youtube videos

    I've got 100,000 - 300,000 views a day from all of my Youtube videos in Music Niche. How to Monetize It? I have tried Ringtone CPA, But seem like it's doesn't work well :confused::confused: Any Suggestion ??? :marchmell Someone send me PM on Youtube, He has offer me to put his Affiliate link...
  5. host32

    Ringtones Offers Question ...

    Hi guys, i'm about to start promoting one of my whitehat websites, but i actually i'd really like to run something small with it in the side that didn't request much work in SEO and content and stuff ... i wana know, do ringtones+youtube still works ? i think that there is a huge opportunity...
  6. Y

    Michael Jackson Ringtone offers

    Hey Guys, I made a couple of Michael Jackson blogspot accounts. Beside adsense, i put a ringtone offer on there by inputting a graphic in a post and linking the graphic to a ringtone offer. Will this work? I wasnt sure if there would be any problems, policy wise from either blogger or...
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