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Aug 12, 2009
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I've got 100,000 - 300,000 views a day from all of my Youtube videos in Music Niche.

How to Monetize It?

I have tried Ringtone CPA, But seem like it's doesn't work well :confused::confused:

Any Suggestion ??? :marchmell

Someone send me PM on Youtube, He has offer me to put his Affiliate link on my Videos, He will pay me $150 a week ($600 a month) prepaid. the Affiliate link is Related to Make Money Niche, is this have a good conversion? :confused::confused:
why not get his offer and see what he is going to offer and then use same thing to promote?
why not get his offer and see what he is going to offer and then use same thing to promote?

He said he is promote something like this


And my niche is music, I don't think it's good conversion :p (in my opinion)
I think you should to take his offer. You can make $600 / month and using that money to prepaid something. :D. Good you luck
Just say to him, "I'm sorry, but I am going to have to turn that offer down as I have 2 other guys offering me $200".

He will reply saying something like, "Ok, I will pay that much" or he will offer more.

Trust me it will work. I do it for everything, for example someone wanted to buy a facebook page off me, so I said I have about 6 other people offering me triple what your offering. He comes back offer nearly 4x as much! It is worth trying to increase the price.

If it doesn't work, just say that you will accept it anyway, but make sure you wait a couple of days.
wow it's cool huge traffic. you can search related music product at clickbank.com and put some text at your video (center bottom position). you can choose show that text along your video or just show it at beginning and the end.
Example of the text can be just link but don't put your affiliate link because it's too long.
you must redirect it. hope that can help !
I'd say don't run it, you may end up getting banned from YouTube.

That landing page is one of the oldest scam on the internet, to trick people into signing up to those casinos. Trust me, they're all lies. There's no tricks to win at online casinos, a friend of mine lost a couple grands trying these things.

Why don't you run an emusic CPA campaign? Or Netflix?
please send me link to your youtube in PM so i can give you ideas.
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