1. Cleanhustle

    Looking for someone to create an autoresponder

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can create an autoresponder for a spanish website, The project is simple add account/proxy and must respond to incoming messages and also shows how many will be sent and from which account. Thanks.
  2. aggin

    What's going on with maxbounty

    Tried to contact them by mail, got a single response and now they remain silent for 2 days. Contacted two of their aff managers on skype and never got a single reply. Is that normal?
  3. CamelCase

    The browser cannot load the reply box for a long time

    I checked my internet speed and browser but I couldn't see a problem. I have to wait a long time to reply to a thread.
  4. beastkay

    When to start doing your own business or work? Is it right time? How to know it?

    I'm frustrated by working for someone else so should I start working for myself? The business which will be only mine and my partners. What should I do? Should I Stop and wait for lot of things like capital, idea or team mates OR I should start by myself because I know I can do it.
  5. J

    Youtube reply comment where to buy?

    Hi, I'm looking for some SMM panel/page when i can buy replies to my comments. Did any hear about it?
  6. 2

    twitter bot expert

    Hi there I need someone who knows twitter bots/proxies etc who can setup bots to autoreply to tweets with certain keywords.
  7. Shpee123

    TweetAttacksPro Success?

    Anyone here use TweetAttacksPro 4? I'm considering buying it for managing several hundred accounts on twitter. Obviously with twitter's new anti-automation policy I need something that won't get my accounts banned instantly, so I'd rather use a web macro like this instead of bots. If you are...
  8. T

    {HELP} Twitter AutoREPLY service

    Hello, guys. I ma very newbie. Can you provide me with a service or software name that is capable of following: 1. AutoReply tweets on a specified by me walls(list of walls) 2. Do this on multiple accounts. Not required but would be good: Provides ability to comment, like specified replies. I...
  9. SMMJedi

    Celebrity Tweet Alert

    What is the best way to find out when a celebrity has tweeted so that you can be the first to reply? I'm talking any alert system like RSS, application integrated into Slack, smart phone alerts and so on; anything. Impressions go up considerably when you are one of the first, if not the first...
  10. M

    [HELP] Facebook Comment And Auto Reply Templates

    I'm starting a new marketing campaign and want to auto comment and auto reply to comments on various FB fanpages and groups. I've got the technical part handled. The part that's holding me back is creating templates for the facebook comment and auto replies so I don't have hundreds of the same...
  11. S

    Please Who knows how to do this on youtube

    Hi bhw's I know we have some pro's here. I go on youtube almost everyday to watch videos. I comment most times but i don''t want someone to reply to my comment(some replies can be annoying) I just need likes .. So i checked online for a way to disable everybody from replying to my...
  12. S

    Facebook Comment Reply

    I have been starting up a Facebook-page, and have gained 3 000 likes in a few days using only legitimate methods. People have left thousands of comments on my posts, and I have replied to each and every one with a macro program, where I recorded CTRL + V and Enter as macro, and had the message...
  13. twello

    Auto e-mail reply website/tool

    Hello, Another maybe noob question. I need a webmail service like (gmail/outlook etc.) that gives me some of auto reply option. Not a autoreply like a ''vacation modus'' because that's not working for all mails. So it's has to look that i manual reply our something. Is there something that...
  14. hipster9

    free money making ebook

    Hello all, I wanted to ask that I have an ebook which I want to share with the BHW community but I am not a regular visiter and so I don't know where to post about it,i.e which section of the forum. Can someone please tell which in section I should post and also I don't want to make it public...
  15. O

    Need a Twitter bot!!! please read!

    Hello, so im willing to make a Twitter bot with Yahoo Pipes but encountered some problems. There is a user on twitter called DBZNappa and he posts autoreply's every 2 minutes or so. This means that if anyone makes a tweet with the words ''over 9000'' he'll auto reply with the words ''WHAT...
  16. J

    Funniest reply ever! must see

  17. T

    need someone who can send alot of emails!!!

    I need someone who can send about 100-300 emails per day. It will vary depending on how many replies I get for each day. All you're going to be sending is a simply reply message to everyone with a link to my email submit offer. I'll have all the wording and layout done for the email body, I just...
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