1. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] How to write URL slugs 101

    How to write URL slugs 101 URL slugs are all about relevance and cost of retrieval. Let’s get into it. What is cost of retrieval? Cost of retrieval is all about making it as cheap as possible for Google to retrieve information from your page. I.e. decreasing average page sizes, giving direct...
  2. robin222

    Keywords have not been ranked, based on expired domain names

    I would like to ask about my new website based on expired domain names. The website went online on March 22. It has been online almost 4 months so far. The expired domain names have more than 150 different root domains. The backlinks, including some authoritative backlinks. I have written 8...
  3. robin222

    Can the expired domain name of the education niche be used on the niche site of the backpacks

    I have a backpacking e-commerce site, and I recently found an expired domain name for a quality educational niche. Can I 301 redirect the expired domain name of this educational niche to my backpack e-commerce website? Or Does these two niches have no relevance at all?
  4. robin222

    Questions about the structure of a silo on an e-commerce website

    For e-commerce sites, is the silo structure: If I rank for a certain product category, such as: backpack. Then I need to write more than 10 articles about the backpack in the blog, and set up an internal link to the backpack product page in the article to improve the relevance. In other words...
  5. robin222

    About ranking page relevance?

    I want to write 10 blog posts for my ranking page and add internal links to the ranking page in the article; Is it recommended to add only one internal link to the article to ensure maximum relevance?
  6. PbnGeek

    SEO: The ON-Page that you should get right: BASICS

    I know there are already a lot of guides out here on BHW much more descriptive than mine! But here is my drop in the Ocean ;) Anyway, If you have a website or even just a blog, then you must have come across this term: SEO If you have been dealing with IM (internet marketing) then you must...
  7. P

    YouTube Rant!

    Hi all I wanted to let off some steam but wasn't sure where else to do it. I wanted your opinions on this. I've worked in SEO for 5 years (white hat) and heard Google preach over and over about white hat, good quality content being the way forward. Sometimes I feel like Google make a rod for...
  8. J

    Best way to increase Relevance for free!

    Here's the problem: I'm 99.9% sure the site that i am working on needs to increase its relevance to go higher on the SERPs. We need to cut the budget for a couple of months, so no more paid reviews on high DA websites for a while. Which would it be a good way to increase Domain relevance for...
  9. sclick

    Looking for ways to link to these urls ....

    Hi ... looking for front door, back door or under the table ways to get listed, if only briefly on these sites:,,, and The combination of seo juice and relevance to my on-line mag will, I suspect, do wonders. My site has the kind of material...
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