1. kissato

    How to get this amount of referrals?

    I found this site that according to similarweb has 2.9M visits per month and 96% of traffic is from referrals? Is this really possible to get this amount of traffic from referral? Are they buying the referrals? how...
  2. N

    How To Block Referrals to My Website Through .htaccess?

    I want to block referrals from a website and it's country level domains from visiting my website. - How can I do that from .htaccess? for e.g: I wanna stop ,,,, and all example.** ...... to stop sending referrers to my website.
  3. docmed

    Site referrals

    Hey Friends I m investing in many sites especially mining, But i Can t get referrals. What IS the best way to get them Please help
  4. Reposal024

    Play Store Referral App On Top Of Google

    Sorry for my bad English :/ Hello, So at April 27 I had this crazy idea of creating an app with my referral link in it for ClixSense. I copied an whole guide from the Internet and pasted it in my app (Doesnt matter for SEO ofcourse because its in my app) I published my app to the Play Store...
  5. A

    neobux,clixsense,paidvert referrals

    Any fastest method to gain maximum active referrals in these sites?
  6. H

    Reccommend me good service for advertisement (to get referrals)

    Hi I am thinking to buy some advertiesments (banner ads, paid tasks etc) in order to bring referrals to GPT sites , I need preferably US,CA,AU,GB,India traffic because surveys work mostly in this countries . If anyone knows such good website or some other service (FB group or smth) please help...
  7. K

    A good/bad idea-is it workable?

    Hi, I'm very new to cloaking and I just read how we can cloak and fake referrers. What I'm thinking is if I have which shows invisible iframe for being in a different domain) and we if we know all the referrals of,henceforth knows as <ref1>. IS it...
  8. R

    Buying US referrals for 3$

    I'm buying referrals to sign up under my link . When an offer is completed you get 1.00 credit to your account , i will pay 3$ for 1.00 credit and if you do more offers i will pay 3$ for 1.00 credit again. :cool: -The program is ZipNadaZilch , you will be able to earn 20$ per referral . -I pay...
  9. xthstudios

    Looking for Marketing Rep for web service.

    ok now i have really decided to hire a marketing rep for my web services. all you need to do is find a client for me and you'll get a 10% cut on my prices. this is not some affiliate stuff.. i will need actual referrals and i give you 10% on every successful sales add me up on skype...
  10. A

    Help getting Affiliates to promote my WSO

    Hey guys am not new in BHW but am quite new to the WSO selling and stuff, I have a WSO but it is not yet launched, I still want to get the word out as I read somewhere that most of the guys viewing the WSO threads are referred. So does any of you guys know where I can get referrals to sell my...
  11. B

    AFF Programs That Pay You a % of What Your Referrals Earn?

    Hello! To put it short, I have some eager new IM'ers waiting for me to recommend them some good affiliate programs and just in case some of these guys would happen to become successful affiliates, I of course want my cut of their future earnings :) So what are the best affiliate programs that...
  12. K

    How I Make $100-$500 a week -{Noob Friendly}

    Global Domains International are an mlm company pay affiliate's $100 for every 5 people you refer to them.. GDI only costs $10 a month for web hosting a .ws domain. The GDI affiliate website has a high conversion rate of about 5%. Taht means for every 100 visitors you send to your gdi...
  13. D

    Way to Find Referrals to a site

    Hi guys, I have a quick question : is there any tool or service that allows to see who bring the most referrals to a site? I can only think of Compete Pro service but it's a little too expensive at the moment at a price of $500/month. Thank you for your help and best regards, Radu :burger2:
  14. Dadelius

    Getting paid for referring affiliates?

    Hi guys, I know between the lot of you, you'll have some answers to this. I'm looking for half a dozen ad networks or affiliate networks, that pay you for referring new affiliates. I've heard of some that pay you a percentage of their commission for life, and others for a certain time frame...
  15. blackma

    Who here, has referred most people to BHW??

    Hey guys, How many people have you referred to Me? Zero :D
  16. kanshu

    Facebook + PayPal = $$$

    I don't know if you guys know about this, but I just found out that a Facebook app is offering $1 for each PayPal account holder who will create a WishList at Facebook. According to the page, the Facebook app will pay up to $100 for the referrals until December 31. For those with lots of...
  17. L

    Free huge list of trackbacks / referrals

    I'm sharing my old lists of trackbacks and referral urls. Hope somebody can find some use for them. I haven't tested these in a while but the list is huge so you must be able to find some URLs that are still working.. I'm guessing that the refs list is going to be of a higher quality than the...
  18. leonidt

    Bukisa-whoring your referral link.

    Alright, seems as there is all this interest in Bukisa lately, and some people know I've said that the good money is in referrals, I decided my first 3 star post (201st :D ) should be all about how I get referrals. :D 1) Your link. If you're planning on doing any kind of serious...
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