A good/bad idea-is it workable?

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    May 17, 2011
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    I'm very new to cloaking and I just read how we can cloak and fake referrers.
    What I'm thinking is if I have mysite1.com which shows invisible iframe for mysite2.com(mysite2.com being in a different domain) and we if we know all the referrals of mysite1.com,henceforth knows as <ref1>.
    IS it then possible to fake the referrals of mysite2.com as <ref1> (provided ref1 is a fixed value)?

    I know it myt be an old/stupid idea, but if this method is possible,the money making techniques form this method is endless. I read the other threads and was not able to find it.

    Anyway if like this idea, please post how we can do it, I and everyone else who finds it will be much obliged.