fake referral

  1. Internet-Marketer

    Website or Fake Referral

    How do you make fake referral like advertiser cannot see real publisher's website? For Example: Publisher got lead from A website but want to show B website without leaking. I hope this is a clear example!!
  2. K

    A good/bad idea-is it workable?

    Hi, I'm very new to cloaking and I just read how we can cloak and fake referrers. What I'm thinking is if I have mysite1.com which shows invisible iframe for mysite2.com(mysite2.com being in a different domain) and we if we know all the referrals of mysite1.com,henceforth knows as <ref1>. IS it...
  3. I

    To Blank or To Fake referral

    2 simple questions about CPA: 1)if you use Godcpa is it better to black the referral or to fake it? 2)if i black the referall and the affiliate manager ask me where my traffic is coming from...what should i answer to him? thanx
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