1. H

    How to make money by publishing freestyle rap compilations on Youtube?

    Me and my friend are really passionate about freestyle rapping. So, we want to create freestyle rap compilations and other related stuff to youtube. Probably gonna launch a website around this niche. Because these original videos are created by others, there is no possibility to use Youtube...
  2. Y

    Any UK hip hop fans??

    Mixtape: Dutch From The 5th Best songs: Segregation I’ll Call You Back Only If You Knew Bando Diaries Darkest Moments Never Really Mine I will go on record and say it’s the best mixtape ever by a UK rapper. Any other great mixtapes you guys can recommend?
  3. jonahighroller

    Music Instagram pages

    Looking for IG pages in the alternative/indie music niche. Also some in the hip-hop/rap niche for paid posts.
  4. H

    Need help for Hashtags (and maybe accounts to target followers)

    I recently made this new Instagram account where I post pictures of Hip hop legends birthdays or album anniversaries but I really struggle to find the right hashtags and the right accounts to follow the people interested in the topic. I know I ask a lot and too specific but maybe I'll get some...
  5. Bobby Millette

    Music Artist & Record Label Owner

    Hey guys, I use to manage large PPC campaigns for various companies and after realizing that it takes a lot money to grow accounts "naturally", I thought it was time to experiment with some Black Hat tactics. I own an independent record label and I manage various different artist so I'm looking...
  6. savobaby

    Hip Hop Artist Looking For Help With Promotion

    Hey guys I’m a Hip Hop artist from Australia and I’m looking for someone who wants to work together in helping promote/market my music! Here’s a link to my music - https://soundcloud.com/savobaby Please comment below if you’re serious!
  7. Danny Crypto

    Eminem Or MGK ?

    I really liked both raps but in real the music and cuss words were good in Rap Devil:devil: Really liked the way eminem fu**ed him but if it's with music I'll go for Rap Devil and If in mood to fu*k with anyone then will go for KILLSHOT. What you guys thinks?
  8. savobaby

    Anybody know how to market a hip hop artist?

    Hey guys, I'm a hip hop artist and I'd love to see if there's any like-minded people on here who know how to market music to get more listeners, the music is good by the way. I already have a verified Facebook page, but since I stopped making music for 3 years, engagement totally died in the ass.
  9. ChrisMonkey

    Looking for shoutouts from rap music niche accounts with over 200,000 real followers.

    I manage a well known rapper's IG account and am looking for shout outs from major accounts. PM me if interested.
  10. L

    Gaining momentum on music withouth videoclip

    Welcome to the thread :) TLDR; Skip to paragraph three First post on the BHW, I've been checking this forum out over the years and it has helped me see through a lot of bullshit. I never bothered to make an account cause I figured out very quickly marketing wasn't for me but now I want to use...
  11. edwardmiller

    I call RUSS white BOHEMIA in Rap Music

    What do you have to say? P.S - Bohemia is a Punjabi rapper
  12. BuzzLT22

    [Journey] Started from the bottom and be a famous artist!

    Hello all my friends! Hope you are well! I want you to discover a new thing that we plan to do! The Idea is to develop my best friend to become a rap artist in the world of music. It's not really rap, it's a mix of rap and rnb (The Weeknd, NAV, Durk). We come from France and we don't have...
  13. G

    Hip-Hop Niche

    Hey everyone, I've done some research and there is not a whole lot of information out there on people trying to build an authority network around the hip-hop niche. In this thread I am posting some of my own ideas & research, as well as hoping to create a hub for others interested in this...
  14. B

    Gonna monetize the rap game bois

    Hey, I'm Bacchusbeats, from this point on I'm gonna work on making music in my free time (also a student). As of now I'm only making beats but I plan to start rapping down the line. I only have one beat uploaded as of now on youtube/soundcloud which has 1.4k views. My goal is to eventually earn...
  15. A

    Hiring for Craigslist Lead Generation & Twitter Auto Posting/Messaging for Rap

    Heya, I run the website Rap - yes thats the actual domain name (*sigh* automated blocking of website links) and I'm looking to build it up talking with all of the musicians that post on Craigslist, I'd also like to gather all of the rappers off of ReverbNation and talk with tons of people on...
  16. Sgstein

    S. Goldstein says hello!

    "Hello!" Who am I? Goldstein. What do I want here? Knowledge. What is my goal? Finding an educated SEO partner to split profit. So... hello all!
  17. B

    Hello All

    Hey everyone, New here just wanted to say hello. I'm a producer since 1999 (15 yrs!) I own an indie record label and am an ASCAP music Publisher. Sorry I can't post links cause I'm new lol. Looking forward to learning from everyone. -B
  18. M

    Looking to Pay $$ money to one who can increase hip hop artist's online buzz!!

    I'm looking to pay money to anyone on here who can use their skills/services to help my rapper rise to a point where he's getting the legitimate views, downloads, followers, likes, and overall media buzz/coverage he deserves. This kid is supremely talented to say the least and has 350k plus...
  19. IamNRE

    Chris Kelly - RIP

    Chris Kelly, half of 1990s Kris Kross rap duo, dead at 34 Source CNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuH28Agi4AU
  20. M

    Looking to pay money $$ to one who can offer a substantial way to increase my rappers buzz

    Hey, my hip hop artist is 18 years old and at the end of his senior year in high school. I'm looking to pay money to anyone on here who can use their skills/services to help my rapper rise to a point where he's getting the legitimate views, downloads, followers, likes, and overall media...
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