ranking drop

  1. robin222

    Will shopify change the theme template cause the keyword ranking to drop

    I have a shopify website and need to change a faster template. Since changing the shopify's template will not cause the URL path to change, but I am not sure if this will cause a significant drop in keyword rankings?
  2. new_don

    Traffic Dropped

    Hi, i witness traffic drop from past 1 week. On 23rd I got around 2.3k users and suddenly my traffic dropped to around 1.6k users. Is this normal drop or I have to do something or I have to wait. I read that there was a google update is that would be the reason of this drop. Because my traffic...
  3. Atom Smasher

    Any Ideas? Massive Rankings Drop Started Sep 8th and Continuing

    Greetings, I am fairly new so I hope I am posting this in the right place. Site is built in WordPress in the retail niche and keyword rankings are down 3,715 spots, a decrease of 1222%. Lot of hard work looks like it is disappearing. I looked into the following: No manual actions. No security...
  4. dank_chocolate

    Anyone Facing Issues with Rankings?

    Hey All, I have a blog in the entertainment niche which I started in May this year. The total visitors since the start of August have been in the 100-120/day window. But, today suddenly the rankings have dropped heavily. There are only 50 visitors today. Should I be worried about this? Have...
  5. A

    Ranking Gets Drop Day by Day

    Hey I have a dedicated page for valentine and we are on top for valentine generic keyword, but as valentine comes closer my keyword ranking drops day by day and my competitors gets the higher position. Now it drop to 6th position in a week. I am also creating back links for these page on daily...
  6. RandomX

    [HELP] Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work

    Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work by building bad links from porn sites, which i am not aware of. when i checked in the morning most of my top ranking keywords (head terms) in the first page went to 6th page and also dropped my DA. when i checked in a SEMRUSH tool, my site was linked to...
  7. N

    I totally screwed our rankings by changing URL structure. Help?

    Hello search squad! So, our website is a directory with category pages, and we've ranked first for tonnes of super competitive keywords (think $10 PPC in AdWords). Aiming for greater heights, after reading "best practices", I migrated our URL structure. Old: mysite.com?search=how-to-rank-first...
  8. Harpreetsingh

    Website Ranking Issue

    Hello, guy's Hope you all doing well. I have the website which is approx 10 months old with high-quality content on it.last couple of month its all keywords and ranking drop, and I have noticed someone copy my whole website content and publish their own site which ranks very well.No massage in...
  9. Akshay Sapra

    Theme change and rankings dropped :/

    Hey everyone, I recently changed theme on my affiliate site and rankings of all my keywords are down. Is there anything I can do to get them back? Or shall I wait a few more days. I was using a free theme back then and now I changed it to premium thrive themes. P.S. - I've seen a huge drop...
  10. Emily Hilscher

    Keyword is stable, Please help

    Around 5 to 6 of my keywords are stable since last month. I am trying my best to rank them up but they are still at the same place. I only can see minor fluctuations. Please help
  11. RichardUK

    Slipped Off First Page ...Slowly Slipped Down Page 2 and now at 19th Today

    Things seem to be falling apart over the last 2 weeks and I've tried everything to get my site back up to the top 5 on page one for a major financial term... It was 3rd at one point and I bought a few high PR blogposts, had my own private network..just after Penguin 2.0 it slipped 3 spots... It...
  12. S

    Destroy Site Ranking with Mirrored Site

    If I create a mirrored site of my competitors will that hurt their natural ranking? One of my sites was mirrored and I lost all ranking for the keywords I was targeting. Since then I have deleted the site and plan on installing a robots.txt file or some javascript that will prevent future...
  13. S

    KW dropped 100positions overnight from SB's?

    Hi all, I have a MNS that I have been working on for about a month. When it was first indexed it was at position 158. Over the last few weeks I've been slowly building diversified backlinks and the rank has been steadily improving almost every day. I was ranking at position 46 for my Main...
  14. R

    Google ranking drop, how do you know if you have been blacklisted?

    I have been working with a new client for about 6 weeks now. The rankings were beginning to climb for one of the easier keywords which saw a high of position 17 in Google a couple of weeks ago. Last week it dropped to page 3 and as of yesterday completely dropped out of the rankings in Google...