quality score

  1. skeye

    Genius way to improve quality score, lower your CPM and increase reach of a sponsored post.

    These guys drew a hair on their photo to get people to swipe up and visit their store.
  2. shezboy

    Affiliate Links on Landing Page - Quality Score Issues?

    I read a few bits from various sources about what you can and can't do when it comes to having affiliate links on your landing page when using AdWords to send traffic to that landing page. Does anyone know from experience how using aff links on your landing pages directly affects your quality...
  3. N

    Google Adwords Quality Score, PPC

    Some of the Ways to increase Quality Score in Google Adwords Campaigns are: Generating most Relevant Keyword List per campaign Separating Keywords into Groups by a certain product Theme Creating Relevant and Compelling Ads per ad groups Making landing Page most Relevant,Clear and Easy Writing...
  4. M

    QS 10 and Estimated First Page bid 0.01

    Hi Guys, I have created a campaing 30 minutes ago, with two adgroups with about 20 keywords for each one, my QS of almost all my keywords are 10 and the first estimated page bid is 0.01. My Max CPC is 0.25. Is a low competitive niche with about 500.000 monthly searches. My question is, why...
  5. mouthpaw

    Best Template/Theme For Landing Page Quaity Score

    I've been using Wordpress, but I just glanced at the source code on one of the themes I've been using, and there's so much BS css, much of it not even associated with the theme styling I'm using, that I stopped to wonder if it didn't look like a pile of clutter to the landing page QS monster...
  6. redpill

    Any Tips on Increasing Quality Score?

    I have a site that I'm getting a 3 on and I wanted to see if I could get the quality score bumped higher. Any tips? Thanks.
  7. D

    Google Quality Score Bug Causing Unexplained Drops

    It looks like a bug is causing QS to drop dramatically on some campaigns (even long standing ones). You can read more about it at www*google*com/support/forum/p/AdWords/thread?tid=1f26df7c7975f4b7&hl=en. I hope that no one here is being adversely affected by this . . .
  8. G

    How To Get Great Quality Score On Adwords

    I Think One Of The Best Ways Is to get more content and you can do this by adding articles to your landing page but my question is do you have to spin the article for it to be unique content
  9. kharm

    2 adwords questions - direct linking & quality score

    Would anyone be able to answer this.. is it possible to direct link an affiliate offer in adwords -- and if so how. I iframed & DMR'd a domain and would like to send traffic straight there but don't know how. If that's not an option, what do you think is the best way to get a quality landing...
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