1. J

    Are there any good MLM companies out there?

    I'm wondering. I know a lot of them are pyramid scams, but are there legit ones out there? If so, could you name a few that you know? I want to have a product I can sell. I don't have special knowledge about anything so creating my own e-books etc I don't see how I would do it.. I don't know...
  2. Ryabinchik

    Manual Web 2.0 Pyramid Tiered With Web 2.0 And 301 Redirects

  3. BryanD

    What would you do with $5000 spare money?

    Hi Guys, I've saved some money, $5000 to be specific. I saved this particularly to start or invest in a new online business. What would you do if someone gave you 5000 to invest in an online business? I'm considering: 1. Put up a network of affiliate sites (niches, unique written articles...
  4. PeterPerseo

    Quantity of links VS Quantity of Pyramids

    Hello, I need a tip about building tiers/pyramids. Everyone has his own strategy about building links, my starting strategy is to build a pyramid of 10 hq links on tier 1 (web 2.0), and later to build 10 links on tier 2 for each tier 1, and later build 10 links on tier 3 for each tier 2. So...
  5. R

    [REQ] Pyramid Drawing Tool!

    Hello - Please recommend a free pyramid drawing tool i can use to make a link pyramid Thanks
  6. R

    Proposed Backlink/SEO Method for Ecommerce Site [diagram] [poll]

    I've only recently come across BHW and I can't believe the amount of information my SEO plan was missing. I've recently launched an Ecommerce website and will be concentrating on SEO and building traffic over the next few months. Here's my backlink plan in diagram format, all information has...
  7. C

    BHW Newbie - Affiliate Opportunity Curiosity and Questions

    I found this site from a fair bit of Googling and it seems from what I've read a great resource for all types of SEO. From how this site comes across, there is a multitude of skills here, with focus on all aspects of SEO, from good old 'vanilla marketing' to advantageous exploits, scraping, bulk...
  8. V

    Creating Autoblogs Backlinking to Moneysite - Good or Bad Idea?

    Not sure if this is in right section.. but my question is simple. Has anyone tried to create a few autoblogs and have them link back to your moneysite? (I've searched the forum but haven't found anything about this) Has this worked? I'm not talking about creating a blog where every article...
  9. jharr53301

    Build a 3000 Backlink Pyramid REPEAT JOBS AVAILABLE!

  10. P

    Which Fiverr Gig Would You Choose Out Of These Two?

    Which do you think will have the most weight on the SERP'S? fiverrdotcom/portron/create-a-3000-backlink-pyramid fiverrdotcom/dino_stark/build-eminent-backlink-pyramid-with-5000-high-pr-profiles I know the one with the bigger number seems like the best one to choose but I find it's now always...
  11. D

    Interesting SEO gigs on fiverr

    Hello, I wanted to ask for some experiences with good SEO gigs on fiverr. The only interesting one I found is from the seller "maxdom" a 3 layer backlink pyramid but I haven't tested it yet so if you know more please answer. I will be thankfull for every hint and every good fiverr gig...
  12. P

    What's the beef with MLM? - Why not just make money and be happy?

    Hey everyone, how's it going? I just thought i would make a quick post on MLM just because Im curios to see what everyone else's opinion is. NO, im not a multi-level marketer or into any of that stuff, so NO, im not promoting anything, I just want to get a little feedback. What is so bad...
  13. J

    Backlink pyramid question ?

    I have a site which is 1.5 - 2 months old, so far i have done some article submissions, bought 100 social bookmarks and 750 forums profile links and contiued to submit a few articles, post on yahoo answers (which got my account suspended), have also linked from my other websites and built a...
  14. H

    Build your own Pyramid!

    Hi guys! After spending a couple hours reading the forum's, I have come to a conclusion that in order to make money, we need to build a pyramid. Look at our banking system, they ran out of suckers. If you take a look at everything around us, everything is a pyramid. The only reason pyramids...
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