BHW Newbie - Affiliate Opportunity Curiosity and Questions

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    I found this site from a fair bit of Googling and it seems from what I've read a great resource for all types of SEO. From how this site comes across, there is a multitude of skills here, with focus on all aspects of SEO, from good old 'vanilla marketing' to advantageous exploits, scraping, bulk messaging/following and of course affiliate opportunities.

    I am pretty green when it comes to the technical aspects of affiliate marketing and would really enjoy a 'cliff-notes' version of how to use it well. People post about making thousands off of YouTube, making money whilst you sleep and so forth. Let me revise my thinking..

    We manufacture products and they will sell. Beyond glossy landing pages/microsites, Facebook and Twitter marketing, all embodied with videos, reviews, testimonials, back-links and more, how can I use affiliate marketing better to really drive sales through motivated SEO gurus?

    The world has changed from expensively finding traffic to efficiently securing conversion, but we're not selling digital downloads, rather we manufacture electronic goods. Margins are good, and that's where affiliates come in. We can build the sites, templates and all the above mentioned channels of communication.

    Further clarified, how can you make money from our products in a way that drives sales through the ceiling? What do you need as an affiliate from a manufacturer and marketing campaign to make this a cash cow for you? Info/tools/widgets/links.. please tell me more.

    Multi-level marketing is acceptable as we are a trading company with actual product - if this marketing system works for you (nearer the top of the pyramid you make more) or simply an equal percentage of every conversion goes to everyone.
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