1. O

    Instagram Proxys help

    Why does everyone say that you should use a maximum of 20 accounts on Instagram per 1x 4G proxy? If I have a 4G proxy that rotates every 10 seconds or a proxy that switches to API, then I could end up using hundreds of Instagram accounts with one 4G proxy or am I thinking wrong somewhere? Thanks!
  2. C

    Do You Know Any Service To Manage 100+ Instagram Account To Upload Reels

    I'm a thinking of service that can manage 100s of instagram account to upload reels. Something Like: For 1 Account there is a folder "X" with Video and its schedules the video reels to that Insta account. This way 100s of Instagram account we can manage. Do anyone Know Such service? Thanks
  3. J

    Good or bad proxies?

    Hello blackheros! I made a purchase of 5 private proxies a few weeks ago, to test with SEO software, Ghos browser, and some traffic sending robots. - SEO programs work almost perfect. - With Ghos browser, I had certain problems when opening the google pages, captchas started to appear. I had...
  4. T

    I think I've figured out my bot process, is this viable?

    Hello BHW - new user here. I've been lurking for a long time. I think I've figured out my process for Instagram and Twitter growth. To start, I only want to work on building 1 or 2 Instagram accounts and 1 Twitter account (all my personal accounts). I'm a Mac user so I'm going to use...
  5. instagramgram

    Stay Away From Bad Experience!

    Stay away from 1 year ago i bought 100x proxy from them. Every month i pay the bill no problem. 2 weeks ago i was 1 day to late with payment ( My fault ) and the complete iplist in my dashboard was changed in others. All my accounts don't work offcourse. Contacted trough...
  6. ted.mothership

    Highproxies Erron When Added to Massplanner

    Hello BHW Members and Happy Holydays, I bought 5 Proxys Pack and i was trying to add some to Mass Planner proxy manager and use them for my social media accounts and i can't connect even with the emmbed browser from MP,
  7. T

    60% Working Proxy List as of 8/18/16 1:58am

    Hey guys this is my first post. But anyways I have gathered some proxys. I hope they can help some people out. If for some reason they are not working I can get you some new ones.
  8. dreadpixel

    Looking for private proxys supplier, I will resell.

    Im a coder and many products I code need private proxys. Looking for a cool affiliate system that leaves profit from this transactions.
  9. P

    I Need a Fake Traffic Bot

    Hi, i need a bot that could send millions of HITS to a website daily, it could be fake visitors from proxys. I tried jingling and others traffic bots, but i could generate only 20k per day. So i need more visitors (HITS, not unique visitors). The bot is not for any Ads, Adsense, Selling domain...
  10. B

    need imacros to auto submit Proxy sites

    i am looking for someone who have imacros scripte to auto submit my Proxys sites in others proxys directories list with bypass captcha if it possible
  11. kissmylilstar

    Scrapebox Passed HTTP Proxies 27-02-2013

    Scrapebox Passed HTTP Proxies 27-02-2013
  12. S

    experts opinions? how can a site tell im from uk if im using usa proxies

    ok so if i have a usa proxie and have cleared flash cookies/cookies how the hell can a site still tell im from the uk if the proxies im using are private usa proxies?
  13. G

    Fresh proxys posted ever 30 minutes

    heres a sample of what i found transparent| transparent| transparent| elite| elite| transparent| transparent| anonymous| transparent|
  14. R

    I need to buy a large amount of elite proxys

    Anyone selling them or know a good cheap place to buy them? they need to be fast a undectable! they cat be codeen Thanks Joel I need around 800!
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