1. C

    AppSec Insights

    As you all know, application security is paramount and we are seeing that in action now more than ever. So a question for you: What essential security features do you need to integrate as an API in your applications across platforms? Join the discussion and let's build a safer digital realm!
  2. purplehaze.69

    Looking for developers/programmers who knows about subdomain takeover

    I am looking for developers who knows about subdomain takeover or subdomain security. i'd need for security purpose on my company website. Got knowledge about CNAME and DNS in advanced level. Please PM If you can do this.
  3. kalleyusu

    Tinder Automation BOt

    I'm looking for someone who can build tinder botting for numerous tinder accounts located and seen by other Tinder users in major US/EU city locations. This includes replacing banned accounts, fixing any bugs/issues, optimising the system etc. Ofcourse I'd be willing to pay for this service...
  4. T

    Elementor Survey YES/No Question

    Does someone know how I can build a YES or No Button Survey Form with Elementor? I'm building an affiliate Website and I want to ask simple YES or NO questions and after that redirect to the Affiliate Offer. I tried it with the Elementor Form Builder the only option is to have "Bullet points"...
  5. mohamedabdo

    python programming facebook wanted pls expert not user 200 usd

    Hello sir Good day to you I have multi Facebook page profile links or page id and what I want as below When I will give the script the Facebook page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and all checking and page admin with Extract Facebook posts likes...
  6. L

    need to hire an actual developer

    am looking to hire someone who could create a system,plugin or app to do the following are you familiar with spreadshirt? its a website that allows users to upload designs and create merchandise i would like to hire someone who could develop something that will allow me to backup everything...
  7. S

    Need help finding the right programmer

    I want to build a social network from the ground up I have a creative idea and have a strong feeling my idea will work , due to seeing a previous website in the past doing the same thing, but just with a different niche .. Here’s what I’ve done so far 1) locked in my website domain name and...
  8. Chethan Gowda


    Hello fellow BHW members! I'm new here!
  9. N

    How Would A Software Designer Get Clients

    I am a software development specialist looking to start freelancing or work. I know Html,Css,Javascript,Python, and Php. I am confident I can make anything and I have so far constructed a Instagram Automation program,a twitter bot, A youtube Bot viewer(Which scrapes proxies online), Plus many...
  10. rednada

    Looking to hire experienced programmer [200$ budget]

    Please note: If you are looking to scam, please move along, I've been on this forum for far too long not to recognize a scammer when I see one. If you are adept in programming, please do keep reading. As the title says I'm looking to hire an experienced programmer and have up to 500$ to spend...
  11. ChawkiJR

    A great program provider of Microsoft Corp. is working on providing an integrated working environmen

    A great program provider of Microsoft Corp. is working on providing an integrated working environment for programmers to design and develop their projects and various software applications with ease thanks to the professional tools provided by this program As it is compatible with several...
  12. iluvvegas

    "Shields Up" Programmer/Programming Skype Group Chat on BHW

    Hay Guys, Please join me at: "Shields Up" where we have a verified & trusted community of Programmers and ppl wanting programming done among verified & trusted community members.
  13. S

    Please Help With this my imacros script to gurus in the house

    hello to everyone on this great forum. i have a problem that i feel can only be solved by my wizard brothers in the house. i am new to imacros and have created a few scripts. i want to create one but am haveingdifficulty in a particular line. see the script below. what i want the script to do is...
  14. yellowguru

    Which web service would you like to get for free

    Hi guys, I have a team of very skilled programmers and we think to create some web service, something like, zendesk, ahrefs, whoson, spyfu etc What would you like to see it here in BHW and get free of charge for 6 months at least. You can also post some other web services and we will check...
  15. natedogg

    Hire Programmer for Software

    Hey, If I want to have a programmer make me a software where would be the best place for me to outsource this? Also, how would I make sure once the programmer creates it for me, he or she doesn't share it? Thinking about making a tool for social media. A lot of these tools on BHW are great, they...
  16. D

    "Looking for Local U.K Programmers/Coders for big PROJECT

    Hey there everyone on the B.H.World already, my names Daniel & residing in the UK & over 25 years of age, i myself don't know how to code much at all or program, but i have done hacking/web spoofin when i was a-lot younger at 16 years old. Anyways the reason for this Topic title, well what...
  17. K

    I just quit my job with 8 other colleagues and created another firm. Please read Inside!

    Fellow hatters, Me and my new team are situated in Europe, our quality and prices are extremely competitive. The problem is we are all geeks and don't know how to promote our selves to find partners. We don't want to go the freelancer way as this will be a step back for all of us. We are looking...
  18. R

    Nightclub Empire - IOS & Android Application Idea

    Hello, I am looking for designers and programmers for an IOS & Android Application,
  19. B

    is there a scraper to collect phone numbers?

    I am looking for a tool to help me build a phone list from replicated websites. Most mlm companies sell their distributors replications of their corporate site that are linked to their unique company identifiers. I am looking for a tool that can search sites like merchant circle, yellow pages...
  20. S

    Need A Skilled Programmer [With good English communication]

    I need a few programs made by a skilled programmer, it could be one big program with multiple functionality or small separate programs that will help me achieve what I want anyway, in more steps but it doesn't really matter, as long as what I want actually works. Please contact me if you're...
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