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"Looking for Local U.K Programmers/Coders for big PROJECT

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by DannyREAL777, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. DannyREAL777

    DannyREAL777 Newbie

    Jan 5, 2015
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    Hey there everyone on the B.H.World already, my names Daniel & residing in the UK & over 25 years of age, i myself don't know how to code much at all or program, but i have done hacking/web spoofin when i was a-lot younger at 16 years old.

    Anyways the reason for this Topic title, well what it is i am looking for any Programmers on this entire forum community who currently live in the United kingdom around England, Wales or Scotland and who are very good at making website applications / Advanced PHP/ web C++ programming as i am planning on wanting to make a "New Social Network" i have an Incredible idea for one, but myself cannot fathom....how to put all the "Interface together.

    I can really express my IDEA to you via Skype, but i can definitely say without bragging to you that..it will make Facebook look even more Boring! especially what i am intend to implement, if you are from european descent as USA is to far for me to meet you for a Coffee' then that is great so we can meet in person & discuss this Social Network that could be an Official-Reality.

    Only depending if you want to put your time & effort into my Idea (no Nonsense) only once we have discussed it via Skype. or your Facebook but (rather not because they can monitor). Peace out brothers for now and i hope you wanting to make a new designed Social-network (FaceBook being 10 years old) and looking to Team-Up with me & create a future Network for the Next-GEN in this New Year. *also if your a good programmer* i will give you half of the Companies equity.

    Can send me a request on F.B just in case you cannot find me on Skype. here's my FB + Skype name. FB type this in address bar DannyWales8 (am wearing a Suit with red backround) and PM me here at BHW your skype.

    Kind regards / peace Danny