programmer needed

  1. H

    How do I VALIDATE A PROGRAMMER on this site

    Hi, I found someone that will create a Grindr account creation bot for me. They said they want 3500 for the bot and 50% upfront. How should I validate that they won’t just take my money. That’s enough money that I wouldn’t be happy perse if I just lost it lol. Any advice? How would you do it...
  2. S

    Programmer needed - Instagram BOT tool

    Good day, We're looking to find a coder who can code an APK for us. This will be used for personal use and not commercial use! The bot can determine who followed you, unfollowed you, not following you, both following each other
  3. B

    Who can make a custom discord dm/scrapper bot

    Send me a pm if you can make a custom discord dm bot and discord scraper.
  4. mohamedabdo

    python programmer expert

    I have Facebook python but I have a problem with the Facebook block with more activitate So I looking for a python programmer to edit to solve my Facebook blocks with Facebook access
  5. mohamedabdo

    python programming facebook wanted pls expert not user 200 usd

    Hello sir Good day to you I have multi Facebook page profile links or page id and what I want as below When I will give the script the Facebook page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and all checking and page admin with Extract Facebook posts likes...
  6. mohamedabdo

    Instagram followers scraper , i need progammer expert not user

    HI I have multi Instagram page profile links that I want as below When I will give the script the Instagram page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and the script will give me the result as a table as below Page_ id Post _id User _id Name Age Gender City Country full...
  7. mohamedabdo

    looking for facebook python expert again expert not just developer

    HI I have multi Facebook page profile links or page id and what I want as below When I will give the script the Facebook page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and all checking and page admin with Extract Facebook posts likes /comments/shares/reactions (user-id) and...
  8. B

    Looking for someone who can help with Viewers/ Traffic on Chaturbate

    Hi, guys I'm a cam model on Chaturbate I'm looking for programmer or who is expertised that can help me bringing in traffic into my room 1000viewers a day please send me PM
  9. P

    Hiring a programmer to make a bot

    Hi, I need a bot that navigates to a website, click the sign-up button and fill a form with a given information to sign up for a free account PM me for more info.
  10. B

    Looking to Hire a Adult Cam Site Developer

    Been working on a site in the adult industry for a good while and am looking to make it into a site similar too chaturbate. Need a developer who has experience with JS, WebRTC, and Wowza. If you have a ready to go engine even better. Contact me at [email protected] via email or skype!
  11. D

    Sneaker/Streetwear Bot Developer Needed

    Hello guys! I’ve been in the Streetwear scene as a reseller for the last 5 years and have been able to make some awesome connections and even ran my own discord group for a while and was staff in some big ones like SSX. I understand how crucial having a bot/auto checkout service can be and I’ve...
  12. 500views

    Stripe Programmer Needed

    All this is done with Stripe Merchant Account. I have 2 websites. Site A: This is the main website that I need a CC payment gateway for but this is a black hat niche so no processor will work with me. Site B: This site will sell a hosting service. This site will be used to register for a...
  13. D

    How remove articles or links

    Hi Guys i'm looking for a help , someone ( i don't know who yet) to damage my business reputation, linked many directories to one articles that the press wrote about my business but is not a good article, this article was in the the 3rd page and now is in the 1st page , no only in the 1st page...
  14. D

    Need to hire PHP Expert / programmer to develop Advanced script

    Need to hire PHP Expert / programmer to develop highly sophisticated PHP scripts. Only willing to cooperate with people that can show me a sample of their work, know good english and understand the important of delivering a project ON TIME. Without delays. This is related to a complex email...
  15. kpenshoppe

    Hire a Freelancer who knows how to create a WAPSITE

    A wap community script with many advanced features including, forums, chatrooms, polls, blogs, chat bots, plusses system, smilies, wap games, download system, user files, user sites, user clubs including their own chatroom and forum. Please send me an email but I have to be honest I can only pay...
  16. B

    Need Help Automating The Adding of Products from Sites into WordPress

    I need the help of a programmer for some kind of script or a program to help me gather certain information from sites that sell things and put that information into my WordPress where I will be displaying the same product. All of the products are created through WordPress's Products page. They...
  17. jkitty

    Looking for someone to design a social media bot

    I am looking for someone who can make a bot that will follow people through an API. I currently use a macro on a site that takes to much loading time. If someone could make a bot for the website that will take a notepad list of scraped accounts and follow each account until x amount has been...
  18. D

    I need to hire an expert PHP coder / programmer

    I need to hire an expert PHP coder / programmer to fix a malfunctioning complex PHP script that automates e-mail autoreplies and does a few other things. I will pay for that strict part and i'm also open to collaboration for future development or maintenance of PHP scripts.
  19. A

    Coder / Programmer needed

    I am currently in the process of having a website made. The design is done, however, I need a coder/programmer to send the design to. The concept of the website is for scrap cars, where people put in their registration, postcode and contact details which would then be emailed to us so we can...
  20. Faisal ShaQ

    Youtube View Bot Needed Urgent

    Youtube View Bot Needed Urgent Bot should be have multi thread and multi user agent option. if anyone can do it let me know the pricing :)
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