coder needed

  1. Promise Obi

    Looking for someone who has experience in integrating metamask to website for minting

    Looking for a coder or developer who has knowledge of integrating MetaMask to my website button for minting. Can be from ETH contract, or directly to address. Add me so we can discuss.
  2. M

    Looking for a Coder

    Looking for a coder to make me a custom landing page, Reply if you know any legit ones on here
  3. Spamr

    Looking for a coder who can RE IOS/Android Apps

    As the title states, Im looking to hire someone who can reverse engineer ios/android apps. The job would consist of automating tasks inside the apps,software would be ran on windows and need have have a gui. Ex: Tinder bot, Kik Bot, Tagged bot.
  4. virtualpurity

    Need a Website Developer for a project PHP / CSS / HTML

    Hello, Like the title says, i am looking for a website developer for a project for website building and customization. You will need to know PHP / CSS / HTML in order to make this work. For an experienced dev this project would only take 2-3 days max. The project will also be ongoing so...
  5. William702

    [WTB] I need a custom commenting bot made.

    tl;dr = I need a simple bot made, PM me for more info if you want to make it :) To anyone that's interested. I'm looking for someone to create me a commenting bot. It should be pretty simple, but WTF do I know, I don't even have time to learn the basics. I want to be able to log in to my...
  6. santhoshjack

    Anybody PM me your Quote! I need a coder or web app developer.

    I need a coder or web app developer. I need you to create a bot or sell the existing bot that would match my description below. When a victim clicks the anonymous link created by us. I need to get victim current GPS location of targeted victim then i need to track the victim GPS location...
  7. Abudence

    Any Cheap PHP coders here?

    Dear viewer, Don't comment unless you're interested. I'm looking for someone who can work cheap on a pure PHP site. I only want a loyal & cheap coder for this. This isn't full time work. It's a project that I've started and needs more features and some fixes. The site is in PHP and I would...
  8. A

    Coder / Programmer needed

    I am currently in the process of having a website made. The design is done, however, I need a coder/programmer to send the design to. The concept of the website is for scrap cars, where people put in their registration, postcode and contact details which would then be emailed to us so we can...
  9. social1

    Looking for a Coder

    Hey, guys, I am looking for a coder to help me with some different front end/back end projects. The first one we need to be done is a simpler one. Basically what we need is someone to build out an image submission service for our website. 1) We want creators to be able to submit content...
  10. Faisal ShaQ

    Youtube View Bot Needed Urgent

    Youtube View Bot Needed Urgent Bot should be have multi thread and multi user agent option. if anyone can do it let me know the pricing :)
  11. I

    Coder Needed -> Bot for increase Plays on local website

    Hi, Up to Millions of plays... if you can do, pm me. - its the main site example of artist pages Thanks
  12. zneve08

    Coder for simple bot needed

    I need a coder to create a bot for me. The bot needs to: 1. Login to my account on a website 2. Click a "campaign link" every 1-3 hours (I set this time variation) 3. Click another link 4. On that page type a random number between 1-3 (I should be able to set this number) 5. Hit the submit...
  13. V

    Need a Programmer or a Coder on who can build up system for YT High Retention Views .

    Its a great opportunity for working. One Time Payment or Monthly Fixed Payments can be set up or also a partnership in Overall Business . I am open to all options Need a person who had worked on the project earlier or he knows what to do to achieve this. How to pass responses to Youtube...


    If you actually know how to do this message me private. Must generate clicks to ads
  15. V

    Need a Coder or a Programmer on an Urgent Basis for Some work for Youtube.

    Need a Coder or Programmer for Youtube Views and Likes Generating Program. Must be having some knowledge how yo do and what are the YT policies and all.
  16. Fullest

    Looking for a coder

    Looking for a coder that will make me driver, app or whatever to trick the camera on my android phone or emulator. For more info PM me.
  17. neOtron

    Looking for PHP Coder who can scrape websites

    Hi, i am looking for someone who is good in PHP and can scrape data from websites. Although i am a coder myself but currently i have too much work so i need someone with whom i can share my work load regularly. i wont be able to finish this gig . i have a gig of scraping about 40 websites...
  18. Instant-Fans

    PHP Coder needed for Insta work

    Hi guys, Looking for a PHP coder with Instagram experience, I'm looking to create a "Views service" I already have the accounts need the coder to use them to increase the view count on requested videos. Inbox me your details, thanks.
  19. D

    "Looking for Local U.K Programmers/Coders for big PROJECT

    Hey there everyone on the B.H.World already, my names Daniel & residing in the UK & over 25 years of age, i myself don't know how to code much at all or program, but i have done hacking/web spoofin when i was a-lot younger at 16 years old. Anyways the reason for this Topic title, well what...
  20. 1337WuLF

    Coder needed (on going work)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for somebody to code my client websites. I will provide the PSD files and instructions. The websites will be based on either Joomla or Wordpress depending on the website. You'll need to know how to develop with Joomla, Joomlas Virtuemart extension, Wordpress and Wordpresses...