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  1. Veil123

    ⭐GRanker⭐- Elite, high quality and manual link building service!

    Contact Info: Email: [email protected] Skype ID: live:.cid.81621ba234f2aa31
  2. DJ.Bud

    Google: Not Worth Signing Up For ******** Profile Links********-profile-links-google-28905.html Well what are your thoughts guys? I think they work pretty good :) Will do a case study soon! (If someone wants to help, do let me know)
  3. A

    Xrumer for brand protection?

    Hi fellow BHW members how are you? I recently had an idea and wanted to share it with the forum to see if it would be of benefit and or if anyone has experience doing this. My idea is to use a tool like Xrumer to create forum profiles for a name of a site with a proper description and branded...
  4. shaggy99

    My profile links are not indexing. I tried almost every method

    About 3 months ago I made about 15 - 20 back-links on profile pages and Web 2.0. websites. - I ping them with about 10 different services to be sure it would get noticed. - I used Scrapebox rapid indexer on them - I made back-links to them ( about 5 - 10 comments on each one of them on blogs...
  5. krawling1

    Free High quality instant D0follow links with examples

    My greetings BHW community. Are you ready for a bunch of good links? I've seen a lot of lists here but actually 90% of provided links are nofollow or websites are dead. I want to share with you five opportunities that I've found. I give you examples in case you are missing something so you can...
  6. seoscrachiers

    How effective are profile links?

    I was thinking to make profile link to my main domain not on any inner pages. Does they help in increasing da and pa or they help in ranking. Or are they just good for link diversity? Please share your views.
  7. elementallyill

    How to index forum profile links in 2018?

    I have a handful of forum profiles that I'd like to get indexed. I know it's still very hard, but very possible. I was wondering how it's done these days?
  8. PbnGeek

    PbnGeek's Soul Links: Google Authority stacking + Diversity + PBN links with High indexing rate

    How desperately do you want to rank your site? If your response is anything that’s close to “VERY DESPERATE”, then you’ll likely end up doing more harm than good. And I say that as someone who has seen people, in the flesh, lose their entire business overnight because of one measly Google...
  9. ZED8800

    Fast Profile Link Creation

    Is there any tool, that can make profile links fast and give us a proper report of their usernames and passwords.
  10. B

    Unrelated Profile Link From High DA Site. Will it Make a Difference?

    I have a stock trading website and I recently created an profile link and got it indexed. Now I have a back link from Amazon which is super high DA. But obviously it is not a match for my niche and it is just a profile link. Search console just discovered the link a couple days ago...
  11. B

    How can I tell if a specific URL from another site is indexed?

    Specifically......I am doing some profile backlinks on high DA sites and those dont typically get indexed. I am going to try and create a bunch of backlinks to the profile page to get them indexed. I just want to be able to tell if it is working or not.
  12. Digioner

    Profile Links Worth?

    Hello Friends, I want to build links myself. It's all about profiles links. I know doesn't have value right away, but it still value for link diversification. I would like to request if anyone has organized list to start. Please share me those lists where I can get backlinks whether nofollow...
  13. DarkDevil1

    Profile Links 101 (Questions, Thoughts and Answers)

    I know profile links are not that awesome like PBNs or Outreach but they sure are useful. Profile links help to diversify the link sources and add trust, They are from powerful domains too. I'm thinking to build 20-25 profile links for each of my sites (100s of them); however manually doing...
  14. R

    Need Quality web 2.0 profile links

    I am looking for at least 1000 web 2.0 profile links with username password to the sites,becaise if anything badd happen to site i can change in future. If anyone can provide then contact me.
  15. IamKing

    [Get Free BackLinks]We Are Back Again To Provide Authority Links - Manual Link Building

    Hi, We are back again with "Sample Authority Profile Links Pack" of my service. You will get few links to test our service. These are...
  16. IamKing

    [Giveaway] Back Again Get Authority Profile Links To Your Website-Manual Link Building

    Hi, We are back again. Giving "5 Authority Profile Links Pack" of my service. These are hand made profile links from High PR sites...
  17. IamKing

    [Unlimited Free Links] Back Again Get Authority Links To Your Website-Manual Link Building

    Hi, I am back again. Giving "5 Authority Profile Links Pack" of my service. These are hand made links from High PR sites. Link building...
  18. aka sam

    [600+] High PR[PR3-PR7] Forums - Different Niches-Best For Profile Links

    Hello BHW, Coming straight to the point, These are some GREAT HIGH PR Forums ( PR 3-7). I use them for profile links and forums posting. Though you will find a lots of niche in it. Here are some of the niches, it has: Internet Marketing Education IT Health Politics...
  19. A

    Comment Posting vs Profile links

    I am comparing comment posting and the profile links.I want to know what are better considering time they take to get index. Also is indexing a backling important?
  20. M

    LiftProfiles - Verified Publically Viewable Xrumer Profile Links &

    Welcome to the CHEAPEST PUBLICALLY VIEWABLE, VERIFIED PROFILES With offer on BHW! Fast Turnaround & We Always Overdeliver Are you tired of ordering Xrumer blasts and only having 40% be publically viewable? Are you tired of having to pay for services or taking extra time to...
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