product review

  1. N

    Looking for specialist for creating and posting product reviews

    Hello! I am looking for a specialist for creating and posting product reviews on English-language platforms. Platforms, on which it will be necessary to publish reviews:
  2. Myst3ry

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  3. N

    3 months old Product Review website - 0 Keywords ranked

    Hi, 3 months ago, I started a product review website (amazon affiliate), I've optimized absolutely everything on the website (that being said, the internal linking can be improved, still working on it), everything is charging fast, silo structured, around 15 articles posted with over 2K words...
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  5. T

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  6. fxkool

    Need writers for product review sites

    Hi all, I am looking to hire freelance writers for my product review sites (various niches). Pls PM for more details - it might be a long-term project as I plan on launching a new website every two weeks. Thanks
  7. akr007

    Writers needed for Product Review Site (Amazon Affiliate)

    Guys, could you please recommend some freelancers/ agencies for writing product reviews for amazon affiliate sites at an affordable price? Thanks in advance!
  8. DesignatedWriter

    It's Time Someone Start Taking You Seriously: Let Me be Your Designated Writer

    A sale page doesn't tell the full story, but the real proof is in the pudding, and I'm keeping this short. Running a website isn't child's play, and you know it. There are so much at stake; your freedom, goals, dreams, and even the financial stability of your loved ones. That being the case...
  9. B

    Product Review Writer

    Keyword to highlight the product keyword is provided. Looking for a writer that has Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, Udemy account for US, UK, DE, CA, IT, FR IN and ES Payment will be paid upon completion of each review work. Refund via PayPal. No product purchase needed.
  10. Stevenliss

    Need Amazon Product Review USA, UK

    Hi there, I need 100+ Amazon product reviews in USA or UK. Place an order, leave a review and we will get you back the money. Please PM me, thanks.
  11. SlayWriter

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  12. doepjohn

    ★★★ WooCommerce Reviews Booster Plugin - Increase Sales & Trust! ★★★

    FAQ Why are there requests sent to your server? The requests are run on an external server to avoid conflicts, dependency issues, decentralize server load and security. We don’t store any comment data except for comment ID’s and timestamps — even that is eventually flushed after a certain...
  13. Shoaib Siyal

    Need An Experienced Write For Amazon Niche Site Content

    I have a quick article writing job if you are interested in long-term work. I will provide you with the article name. I would like you to research and then write - 6000 words article For My Motorcycle Accessories Related Amazon Niche site. You should also put a list of reference sites where...
  14. S

    i needs product reviews for the brands site i charge

    Hey, I charge a brand store site i needs product reviews to post to blog/ take a video to youtube and share to social media. my requirement the brands store is selling EDC Tools.Outdoor Knife,so i needs someone own a niche blog or niche social media account to Outdoor,Gear,EDC...
  15. J

    Looking for someone to write 15-20 short 100 word reviews for about my online store products

    Looking for someone to write 15-20 short 100 word reviews for me about my online store product/s on www. productreview. com. au, I think you'd require different email addresses. Or I can pay per person. Thank you
  16. megaMind007

    Need amazon reviews URGENT

    Hi, I need Unverified Amazon reviews for 10 more different product, willing to pay $3 for each review. PM me your Amazon profile URL if interested. Thanks!
  17. Majedur Rahaman

    Need amazon product reviews

    I need amazon product review on different free product daily. I can send product as free or pay you 2$ per review if you do not like to get product. I will send product money through Paypal or gift code. Add me skpye: majedur09
  18. noormohd45

    Writer Needed For Long Term Project

    I'm looking for an article writer which enjoys writing about to Wrist Watches. It includes How To's, Guides, Buyer's Guide, Product Reviews, and Comparisons. Before applying please make the below points clear: The writer should know how to write SEO Optimized and Non-SEO Optimized articles...
  19. V

    Testimonials and Spokesperson

    In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person's written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product. The term "testimonial" most commonly applies to the sales-pitches attributed to ordinary citizens, whereas the word "endorsement" usually applies to...
  20. ContentWriter

    Does a template-based product review convert higher than a free-flowing product review?

    Good day, BHW members! I'd like to ask feedback from the members who sell products (digital or physical) online whether it's an Amazon product or not. I'd like to know your stance between using a template and not using a template when writing your product reviews. I use these 8 subheadings...