1. H

    I got an SSL Error

    Hi guys! This is my first post here so correct me if I've done anything wrong. My problem is that I recently made a Wordpress website and installed SSL using Cloudflare. The problem is I get this error: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Also WhynoPadlock results shows that I've Installed SSL...
  2. L

    I need some help to answer this question please

    Please give 3 examples of times at work when you have been forced to face a problem, be dynamic and were able to solve the problem to improve the business operations? Please give concrete example of your experience if you answer Yes or No or less than 5 lines you might as well not bother...
  3. dotc0m

    New Instagram Captcha & 24Hr Account Review

    Hello, Just wanting to inform the community of some new warnings I encountered. I haven't seen these messages yet or heard them happen to anyone yet. Keep in mind I have mainly run accounts manually and all my accounts were created manually and ran manually. I have my own dedicated 4G modems...
  4. cheekycheeky

    Received this message from IG... Feed back plz

    Hi everyone, I’ve been using the follow unfollow method and one of my accounts received a message this morning. I’m not sure if it’s super serious or just a scare tactic by IG to have people change their passwords. Please if you know anything please help. Thanks so much BHW!
  5. S

    Post randomly deleted

    Hello, insta asked me to verify my phone number inside the app so I did and seconds after my posts just disappeared, I had 28 posts now I only have 8 left and idk how to get them back, I checked in archived posts as well but they weren’t there, I also saw that a few more people had this problem...
  6. shadow5

    Recent FL (followliker) issues

    Is anyone else seeing a ton of new errors/issues with FL recently? I've been keeping an eye on BHW over the past week but I'm not seeing any real threads on straighforward issues... more alternatives to other services getting shut down. I've got a few accounts getting errors. (before last...
  7. wakoff1515

    Anyone have problems with crakrevenue PPL cams?

    Yesterday I decided to try my luck by switching some of my traffic to MyFreeCams PPL since they just reopened that offer. However, after switching I was unable to get ANY unique ID's from ALL of my cam traffic (slut roulette, mfc, etc.). So now my unique ids fell by like 98%. Just wondering...
  8. D

    What's Wrong with Crakrevenue

    Hello, I am using Instagram and KIK to Drive traffic since 3 days, and I know The quality of traffic is very good, I personally ask the Visitors to go and to signup under my Affiliate Link, I just ask 50-60 People and i got 40 Unique visitors, I was promoting sluttroulete offers but.. in 3...
  9. R

    airbnb problem listing

    Hello, I have a problem, if someone can help me. I got a job (from an agency) that should list several properties (worldwide) on site Airbnb. The problem is that whatever I do, how i create the account, appears account disabled. Is any chance to list some apartments there? or what to do? is from...
  10. T

    [HELP] My CPA site has unwanted Ads [HTML/PHP KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED]

    Hello you all, I'd like to know if there is a web designer who can help me.. Yesterday I've uploaded a new template for my CPA site, but now when I run the site at my laptop (without Adblocker) or mobile (smartphone), I see first an advertisement popping up and another advertisement when I...
  11. roxblade

    Content Writing is not for Newcomers

    I thought there's a great deal of need for decent high-quality content creators. I am making this post to tell you my case. First I shortlisted various websites that pay for articles. I applied to all of them, like 15. I didn't care about the payment for each article, I just wanted to break...
  12. T

    New to this (Another one of THOSE posts)

    My name is Meagan, aka "The Lone Star Blogger" and I launched my blog using Word Press on May 14th. Considering I am pretty new to all of this, especially SEO and whatnot, I am having some difficulties as I expected I would. I am not too sure what the issues could be. Everything focuses to...
  13. D

    bulk email sender problems

    Hello guys , i have installed (phplist) on my vps , but the problem is, i can't send emails to ( , it works just with ( i dont know what is the problem ??!, - second question what is the role of SMTP and is IT** nessecary** for phplist to work ? and how many message i...
  14. xlcrash

    Bing Webmaster Tools is down?

    Hello guys, Im trying to open my BING webmaster tool acc but it keeps telling me that service is down... That is happening from yesterday... Anyone experienced that?
  15. fredfred547

    Followliker Issue

    I got followliker 2 days ago and have loved it up until now. All of a sudden, I'm having an issue. It now will say delaying following for 20-30 seconds @(insertnamehere) but then doesn't follow them. I have it scraping users so it has nothing to do with not enough people to follow. It has...
  16. A

    What are the most challenging problems you faced as an IM?

    Being in IM for years making money online, what are the most challenging problems you faced? And how did you deal with it?
  17. I

    Scrapebox Harvester Problems (Not usual nooby stuff)

    OK guys I was a Scrapebox user years back and since I have come back to the world my Swiss army knife is back up and running. Of course I soon enough noticed the new harvester and even the new fast poster. My first problem is say I'm using the original poster and select the platforms tab and...
  18. dropshippa

    [HELP] how can i run an addmefast imacros continuously without stopping ?

    Dear members , i have a problem running an imacros script, it's an twitter follow (AMF) script , it runs for a while i..e., upto 2 minutes until i get upto 35-50 points and then it stops , i then have to press the play button again and again ! so if someone could help me out in running the...
  19. R

    I have Everything IAnd I Earn NOTHING!!! Need Help :(

    Hello BHW Members, I'm Yassine, I'm a designer , I have all the Internet Marketing Tools , I have 3 Amazing Domain Names ([Cool Keyworkd].C.O.M !!) , I have Squeeze pages in my computer... And I have No sales :'( , Please I need Help, (I have $41 in My Paypal Account) And I do Articles...
  20. Ghoztseo

    Scrapebox "Fast Poster" Problem | Resolve Soon

    Hello guys from previous month i cannot able to fast poster if i choose fast poster there fore i'm getting error some or data all required. What's this refer to? even i cannot find a solution in google, Maybe some people will be encountered the same problem. Please fix it will yah!
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