1. K

    [QUESTION] What are best practices in creating prelandings?

    Hi mates, I want to create a set of several prelanders to sell info product but I don't have much experience in building them. The idea is quite simple - personal story that will sell the product. I have came up with the following structure under AIDA: Prelander #1 (Attention and Interest) -...
  2. Lara Bennett

    Offer Wall and Wheel of fortune

    Hi fellow guys, I am playing a little with an idea, I have this wheel of fortune game on my website, and I am trying to come up with an idea of how this will work practically. Either I will make my game, so the user is having 3 spins when they enter the landingpage, and I will promote them...
  3. Nicklanez

    How to make a pre lander/ landing page?

    Hello people, I'm getting stuck on something. on making a landing page for a offer that I am going to promote.. the only thing I want is to use my own picture and then add a click button that refers to the offer. Can someone send me in the right direction? Any kind of help would be appreciated!
  4. D

    FB Groups Cloaker

    Hello, I'm building authority website with articles in selected niche. I want to bring some trafic from social media for the start. I own several FB personal accounts. I just fight with idea /oldschool/ post in FB groups with I don't want to ban whole domain. I know that redirect of domains...
  5. bone7

    Instagram Pre-landers

    Hi, I need Instagram Pre-landers, I used to buy from valar but I want to make my own now, can anyone give me some ideas how to make my own prelanders, thank you!
  6. alexel

    Targeting "Teatox" Customers On FaceBook

    Rolling out a teatox offer, tapping into fb business has been a journey. Mostly been running on native and adult, fb's targeting features has been overwhelming. So I haven't quite narrowed down the audience, so the presell page that I've been so fortunate enough to run with the last week has...
  7. discoxelik

    [Fb AD Prelander] What works for you?

    What works for you guys as fb ads prelander? Ofc i have some ideas but i dont want to waste my time so im asking will any of this work? redirecting from landing page with img link to aff_page: redirecting from landing page with: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1"; url=aff_link_url"/>...
  8. Z

    got instant banned while trying to put a pre-lander

    Hey do you guys really think pre-lander is safer than direct cpa landing page? well i was gonna put my link pre-lander page in my bio and i got instant banned. It was valar's pre-lander page people say pre-landers are safer to use to decrease your ban risk. but why did i got banned then?