Offer Wall and Wheel of fortune

Lara Bennett

Jun 23, 2018
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Hi fellow guys,

I am playing a little with an idea, I have this wheel of fortune game on my website, and I am trying to come up with an idea of how this will work practically.

Either I will make my game, so the user is having 3 spins when they enter the landingpage, and I will promote them with some offers when they luckily win the grand prize at the 3 spin.. Maybe something with, visit our sponsors and get 3 more spins.

Or, I will make it as a game so whenever they win 5.000, 10.000 and so on, they will be promoted with some offers, win a kitchenAid (sweepstakes), get 50% of skincare (CPA), or casino affiliate on the website.

So, I have the software ready, it is just like I need a final ingredient or a final touch.

I am not allowed to post links :) So, are there some white knights who would like to share ideas with me?

Feel free to send a PM, or come with some inspiration here, I am a developer, I am just a bit tired of blasting direct sales campaigns over and over again, would like to make them a bit more interesting.

I can easily generate traffic, really just need some inspiration to play with more interesting prelanders.

Best regards,