[QUESTION] What are best practices in creating prelandings?


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Jul 9, 2016
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Hi mates,

I want to create a set of several prelanders to sell info product but I don't have much experience in building them.

The idea is quite simple - personal story that will sell the product.

I have came up with the following structure under AIDA:

Prelander #1 (Attention and Interest) - Attention grabbing question and a life story of a main character
Prelander #2 (Interest) - Conflict
Prelander #3 (Desire) - Solution and a link to a Landing page (Desire and Action)

I want to know what are the best practices in building prelanders and writing persuasive sales pitch. For instance, a certain structure of a page, usage of a particular elements like picture carousels, and psychological tricks to spark a desire.

P.s. I googled before creaitng this thread and was overwealmed by the amount of available information. I would really appreciate if someone could share a particular book or course that will help me.