1. B

    Email Marketing

    Hello, I have a big IG page that I want to use to make people signup for my free e-book. Can someone suggest the mass email platform and the "landing page" example that most "gurus" use? Thanks!
  2. K

    [QUESTION] What are best practices in creating prelandings?

    Hi mates, I want to create a set of several prelanders to sell info product but I don't have much experience in building them. The idea is quite simple - personal story that will sell the product. I have came up with the following structure under AIDA: Prelander #1 (Attention and Interest) -...
  3. jason212

    Where should I host my landing page?

    Hey guys, which hoster can you prefer to host landing pages? My landing page is 2mb large, but its very important that the site is loading (very) fast. Where should I host it? I would be good when they accept btc regards
  4. kib0rg

    Best CPA networks with promo tools and landing pages

    Hey there! Who can tell me please top CPA networks who has alot of trending offers with ready landing pages? Where is possible to make own reffer links and also download and change landing pages for thoose products? Trhanks
  5. H3ktor

    [Method + Tool] Free hosting forever and unlimited landing page design using Shopify

    This method is nothing new but definitely improved to make Shopify development store plan useful. Anyone can signup for Shopify partner account and create unlimited development stores. Development stores are special shopify plan for partners to build store in sandbox mode or test apps. It has...
  6. Retus4

    IG Giveaway + CPA = Problems?

    Hey there. I have an IG giveaway account, i use a landing page + ogads. In order to participate people should enter to my landing and downloand one of the "sponsered apps" (content locker) that i have. The giveaways are fake, always wins a ghost account or a friend of mine. This can bring me...
  7. lordfaves

    Hello, I'm new. I want to learn

    It's good to find out those forum, and I'm glad to be a member. I hope to gain a lot in times to come with the help of everyone Thanks
  8. Roger Marquez

    Can´t find a post

    Recently i created/joine discussions regarding landing pages and a BHW member he posted a link to a landing page builder which i thought it was amazing and now i can´t remember where it was posted so if you´re reading this and have a better memory that me or to anyone that can recommend any...
  9. ss1180

    Landing Page Tool Suggestions

    Hello Guys Can you please suggest me any good free landing page tool with form integration.
  10. LSFC

    Free Instagram Landing page?

    Is anyone have downloaded (or created) working landing page for Instagram? I found one, but the some files in archive are broken. I'm talking about something like this (or more simply): I will use LP with OGads Content Locker and I will be very thankful, if someone help me! Please, without...
  11. TheTyper

    Best Choice to Monetize 500/day Views From FB?

    Hi There, recently was testing with Facebook Groups and got a (what I think is) a good responde from the public. Get between 50-200 organic visits in my site from facebook. The niche is viral videos. In the landing page I have the embed player with CPM Affiliate Marketing OpenLoad, which I think...
  12. H


    Hi Guys ! i'm newbie in cpa marketing and i'm just wondering if the paid tools to build landing pages such as Lander , leadpages , instapage ....and others need a hosting to upload theme or u just can use it from the site of landing page maker !!!! and if i can do this how my landing page link...
  13. Instaplanet

    Bulk redirect typo domains

    Hi, This is now my first post on BHW and I'm starting of asking about my 100+ really good typo domains that I'd like to redirect to some offer page. What is possible to do in my hosting account is to bulk change nameservers/DNS records - but not do a redirect for the domain. As so, I need to...
  14. M

    clickbank (CB) problem .. HELP !!!

    hello i am a newbie in clickbank , so as you know , we're all here to promote others products , so as i am promoting a products , i must create a landing page (that's right ??) ... my question is : why creating a landing page as i have good traffic in my instagram or my tweeter need more...
  15. G

    [Help] Force user to download a chrome exetension

    Is there anyway to force users to download a chrome extension or any other file before closing a landing?
  16. Noah Hawryshko

    (METHOD) How to Make Images Unique, Perfect for Social Networks!

    As many Facebook marketers know, your landing pages are tracked by image hash. I didn't realize this and got caught by Facebook, then had my landing pages banned. Today I'll do my duty to society (kidding) and show you how to rehash any file without damaging it in any way. Note that this doesn't...
  17. adidam

    Landing Pages for the Clickbank?

    I was doing Clickbank with Direct Linking (Free/Paid Traffic) but nowadays I don't see near to break even. So I think I should start using Landing Pages. But I don't know what kind of landers works good with the Paid Traffic for the Clickbank. Can anyone put some tips/advices? Thanks
  18. M

    How To Create a Landing Page Online Without HTML Skills ?

    Hello !! I want create good convertible landingpage online for ClickBank offer . I found some a website " LeadsPage " it's good, with no visitors limit per month & Great Templates. But the problem is that the website cost's 37$ per month, it's expensive for me because I'm starter & I need to...
  19. M

    How to get targeted traffic?

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing, and I have made my first landing page for a product. The page is 4 day old and got 32 hops (no sales yet). I've seen lots of people got hundreds of hops with no sales, because of non-targeted traffic. So, for a newbie like me, how do I get targeted traffic...
  20. C

    I need a click bank landing page

    I need a landing page that will give people the option to click another button sending them to the clickbank product after enticing them with the marvelous landing page design. If you can attach some recent work or anything for me to check out that would be great. PM me and then we can chat over...
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