ppl adult

  1. Roxies

    Look Offers PayFRegistration, Download and etc

    Hey. I have Dedicated Servers, alive with real ip and cookies. Every day, a few pieces (USA/CA/UK). They die quickly, so I can’t put on miners. I need offers that would pay for registration, a lead, download, etc. And paid as soon as possible. With minimum from 5-15$ on crypto or something. Not...
  2. oni3350

    [FOLLOW ALONG] Beginner Friendly Journey, Scaling From $50 To $1,000+ Profit Per Day

    So Ive been wanting to start another follow along for BHW, specifically making it beginner friendly, showing how to get a campaign profitable from the ground up. Quick back story: Ive been an Adult Media Buyer for the last 10 years now, paying for banner advertisements on the big adult tube...
  3. oni3350

    [CASE STUDY] How I Made $8,686.15 Profit In 22 Days From Adult Media Buying

    Before we begin, I just want to say something for the people that may not know, as I know there are some out there. Media Buying – Basically means buying traffic on websites and making a profit on the revenue. So it's pretty much paying for advertising. People know this already, just some have...
  4. Sunmoluvic

    Question about Crakrevenue smartlink

    Hello guys Ive been wondering if Crakrevenue smartlink also converts when someone pays through your link What I mean is that I've only seen the smartlink convert for PPL in my account, so I'm want to confirm if it also converts for PPS
  5. Marissa_pcash

    Hi BH world! Marissa here :)

    Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here and looking forward to doing some biz with some of you! Marissa
  6. S

    Chartubate PPL no longer available?

    I'm trying to sign up for the Charturbate PPL affiliate program and can't seem to figure out how; even after visiting the Affiliates linking code page. A proper direction or guide on how to sign up for this offer would be greatly appreciated.
  7. adfadf

    Please tell me ppl top payouts network ?

    looking for top payouts network.pps and ppl who can give me high payouts
  8. Munni

    Looking for Some traffic sources to promote Adult PPL Offer

    I'm new in this world ( Adult offer) please help me to get some FREE traffic sources OR some method.
  9. ByOffersCPA

    What traffic sources are forbidden for dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  10. eaglesWTF

    ADVERTEN.NET | Smartlink CPA Network - Adult, Dating, Games, Sweepstakes - Weekly payments!

    CONTACT US Email : [email protected] For fast response please use contact form on Adverten.net or LIVE CHAT on website >> CREATE ACCOUNT NOW <<
  11. gentishady


    Hi guys I'm looking into Crakrevenue offers what is the best one PPL is not there anymore I guess it's CPA/SOI I got an offer 3.90$ per signup but in 4 countries (US,UK,AU,CA) I tried to test signup with a VPN US IP but it won't count my signup why ? Is there anyone working on Crakrevenue and...
  12. chiddy

    Crackrevenue Close account if you make too much PPL

    Almost a 6 months in got up today to see my account close . Reason being usual activity even sad because this term I made a sale , I change up and started doing PPS and but still more PPL , but they close my account because I made $350 in 15 days usually I would make $280-300 in 15 days . My...
  13. ByOffersCPA

    ByOffers.com – monetize EDU traffic into BIG money!

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